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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... £30M for my coentrao do i accept or reject this offer as i have slightly weaker (89) back-ups and with this money i can buy aguero pato badstuber and bale as they are all external and soon not transfer banned!!!!! Also I am offering £6M+S.Bender+J. Obi Mikel for Busquets but should I recall my offer is it too much???
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Iniesta 2 reasons, 1 higher rating and also rooney could become a forward again any day but iniesta will stay that position
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Do I sell my Luka Modric for £35M, i brought him 2 months ago for £15.8M so do I accept and sell him because currently Aguero, Pato, Bale and Badstuber are external soon untransfer banned?
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is this a good deal ? My Taye Taiwo+ Lisandro Magalllan for external Christian Eriksen(just lost his TB)
  5. Re: Superstars i know but you never know:P
  6. Re: Superstars Long shot here but i will say enzo zidane when he comes on the database
  7. Re: Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My other goalkeepers are: David De Gea Maxym Koval No goalkeepers that are good are available but I do have De Gea and Koval on the rise so is it worth it??? Also I am just waiting for the Sakho bid to be accepted
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... URGENT!!! In my game world I am doing some deals are they worth it: I will be getting Sakho: My Bonnucci and Jhon Pirez+ 4.7M for Sakho who is external I will be getting Karim Rekik: My Thomas Carroll for Karim Rekik who is external Also do I sell mym Viviano for £11.9M ??? do I do them or try to change the deals or what??? A fast reply would be welcomed thanks
  10. Re: Karim Rekik - Manchester City's Bright New Star! I just made a bid for him in my game world as he is at man city a external club in my euro champiosnhip I made a bid of thomas Carroll for him is that a good deal???
  11. Re: What would your ideal team of promises? lol i got all in my team!!!!
  12. I can get him for as little as £15.1M even though his team is managed as they do not want him in their squad so what do i do offer??? He would be a starter as shown by my squad: http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1773165&clubid=7066072&sid=11974 My question is though will he ever change in rating any time soon, if so will he go up or down and alson willl he be playing this season alot???
  13. I could get John Obi Mikel for 15.1M off of a managed club is it worth it??? Will he ever go up in rating
  14. Re: kasper schmeichel rating Well I am a leicester fan and he is a very good goalkeeper. He got sent off yesterday because he is so focused on the win. He is worth a rise in my opinion by posibly 1 or even 2.
  15. Re: English Championship 6952 - Discussion Thread I have just taken over leicester in division 3 with the challenge of 4 games to pull off some magnificent results to climb into the top 6 or just as a extra extra extra hard challenge finish 2nd. i have joined and worked out it is unable to finish top spot.
  16. He has offered me 35 Million for neymar. neymar is a great player and i dont think i should sell othe possible players i will consider to sell(if so tell me how much to ask for for the following players): Tomas Necid(was good but unsure if he lose it or what) Leonardo Bonucci(unsure if lay due to juventus signings) ryan Bertrand(unlikely to mak a breakthrough under anrde-boas0 Luiz Gustavo(willl he rise?) Fernando Belluschi(I don't even know why i brought him??) Diego Contento( I don't know much) Armand Traore(not play for arsenal???) Carlo Pinsaglio(still next buffon???) Batuhan kar
  17. Re: give Modric for ? KEEP MODRIC I only just brought him for £18,920,000 yesterday as his club unmanaged!!!
  18. I have a team in a european championship with a very very very large ssquad as you can see: http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1773165&clubid=7066072&sid=11974 I am unsure about these as some of the others know to transffer list myself: I would like your opinions on which ones to sell out of: Mame Diouf Ritchie De Laet Bonfim Dentinho Mehmet Ekici Fernando Belluschi Who to sell? Also I have £68.8M so who do I buy out of: Available Players: Jose Angel £6.5M Charlie Adam £5M Mamadou Sakho £15.5M on the 21st of September Fabio Coentrea £12
  19. Re: ***stewart downing*** free agent Available Players: Jose Angel £6.5M Charlie Adam £5M Mamadou Sakho £15.5M on the 21st of September Fabio Coentrea £12.7M on the 8th August Simon Rofles £11.4M (I don’t know much about him) Darren Bent £11.2M Tom Huddlestone £8.1M Scott Parker £7.5M Joleon Lescott £5.4M Taye Taiwo £5.4M Benoit Assou Ekoit £5.9M Jose Manuel Jurado £7.9M Keisuke Honda £10.8M Simone Pepe £4M Allessandro Matri £4.4M Manu Del Moral £4.4M Sven Bender £11.7M Seydou Doumbia £9.6M Tino Costa £4.5M Luuk De Jong £7.8M Cesar Azplicueta £10.2M Ezequil Munos £10.5M
  20. Re: ***stewart downing*** free agent well I do not have enough money yet so what do i do do I sell Steven Defour or Diego Perotti to raise the money for the players??? And the other player I may be selling is Mame Diouf and Ritchie De Laet they both are still at United. Also Bofim Dentinho, has he gone past it??? Will Kolarov go down at Man City due to them signing Gael Clichy so do I sell Him??? I would like your opinions on which ones to sell out of: Diego Perotti Steven Defour Mame Diouf Ritchie De Laet Bonfim Dentinho Aleksandr Kolarov Mehmet Ekici In a few mins i will write a
  21. Re: ***stewart downing*** free agent Now I am interested in Jose Angel of Roma who is yet another free agent. He is available for as little as £6.5M. Do you recimend i make a bid for him as I already submitted a £4.1M bid for Stewart Downing. Also I can get Charlie Adam for £5M. Any ideas would be welcome, Thanks in advance.
  22. I have £6.7M and he is available for as little as £4.1M because he is a free agent after his prestigous move to Liverpool. So do I buy him????? http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1773165&clubid=7066072&sid=11974 Although several are leaving on transfers and i just need 1 win and i become 2nd as in is a very tight league. Any ideas also Jose Angel of Roma is a free agent. Thanks in advance
  23. Just signed for inter from santos. He is only 25. Bin described as "The next Maicon"
  24. Re: European Championship 367 Cerci transfers to Villarreal,, and more transfer rumours The transfer of allensandro cerci has been confirmed with a five year contract being signed by Villarreal. Also rumours have linked Ante Vukusic with a possible transfer to Villarreal fromHajduk Split. Also a possible trasfer for Eriksen.
  25. Re: European Championship 367 Star free agent rumoured to transfer to Villarreal!!! Alessio Cerci due to complete a transfer from being a free agent to division 2 club Villarreal. He is a free agent and will cost Villarreal 4.2M to pay to sign him as a signing on fee. He will need to improve a little before getting a first team experience.
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