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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... For my Tottenham team I just got offered a swap with one of my main rivals in the league My Luis Fabiano for Diego Forlan. Obviously Forlan had a great world cup but is 32 atm Fabiano is 3 years younger but has recently been linked with clubs like Spurs and Milan. Should I do the swap?
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have 2 deals im struggling with, hopefully you can help my decisions Real Betis have made an offer to Milan for Mathieu FLAMINI of £5,000,000 plus Klaas-Jan HUNTELAAR and Racing Santander have made an offer to Milan for Adrian MUTU of £0 plus André-Pierre GIGNAC and Abou DIABY I like the second one but not 100% on it!
  3. Re: Problem with sm I cant get on either and theres not alot to do at this time! should sort itself out sooner or later hope you manage to get on before you have to go!
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Been offered Fernando Gago for my Zambrotta now i know Zambrotta is 31 so a bit of a veteran but has made i think 31apps for a second placed Milan so should stay but i wonder for how long? is it a good deal as i expect Gago to be a big player for Madrid in a few years time what will his rating be this change? if so good deal thanks in advance
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... ive been offered 40mil (money could be very useful) and Van Der Vaart for Lampard Good deal for me?
  6. marspur

    Name and Shame

    Re: Name and Shame its just i read some girls profiles and some lads are really rude and disgusting on there profiles its disturbing:mad: its aimed as a joke with a point i may not do it or i may depending on peoples opinions and it wont be for a long period of time just enough to shame a few people into changing there ways is soccermanager not a chat up site! i value ur opinion and i understand it may be a little crude towards people but if they are willing to send rude things to one stranger they may as well to everybody tbh im not 100% in it but im up for a laugh its a 50/50 idea t
  7. marspur

    Name and Shame

    Recently after being pointed out by many female members of sm that Female members are being harassed by male members on there profiles and in theyre Inbox, I personally dont feel that this is right at all and some really arent PG if you knw wat i mean. Now many remember the story of Sophie Brown ithink the guy who pretented to be a girl this has inspired me to go into disguise with a new account as a female:eek: with a flashy DP and so on im going to name and shame and post all the lovely letters i get from male admirers;) but first i need to run this by u guys to see if its a gd idea an
  8. Re: chairman/fan reaction Lol dont give up mate some hav gone thru and made changes to SM
  9. Re: Fanbase How would having a Fanbase affect the game? we already get money from attendance so i dont see what i will do! Unless you mean Merchandise money for a club? thatt the support will get more money its just confusing the way youve put it:confused:
  10. Re: player reputation The players Career section covers all ur suggested areas tbh and it would only be really superficial its a nice idea just i cant see it being implemented.
  11. Re: must buy players!!!!! Gosling,Keko,Santon,Baxter,Bostock,Delfounseo,Fabio,Orlando Sa,Collison,Delph,Fasciana loads more check all the threads in the Talent Scout some reli good ones there! No Plan B sort your sig out!!!
  12. marspur


    Re: Matches if you scroll down on the overiew of ur club and then go directly on match centre under the fixture there shud be nothing telling u the score beforehand:D
  13. Re: complete English Premier League Predictions He will probs get a 90/89 as the last part of his season he hasnt been terrible compared to the start i wouldnt hold on to him if u have him most spurs players will drop unfortunatly
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