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  1. Hmmm... thinking to relaunch this GW, probably some different teams and a slightly changed set of rules... tic-toc, tic-toc ...
  2. loredan


    Any managerless team?
  3. Applied for Rubin & sorry for being late to the party!
  4. Tightarse FC its me I guess. Only spent 5.8 mil on 14 players I thought managers will use common sense and not bid 2 mil on each player I was already bidding but meeeh lost on most quality players. Guess I'll have to get used with Div 2 for a looong time
  5. It's 6 PM - Happy Bidding ! Please don't forget the 30 man squad cap !
  6. Bidding starts tomorrow (Thursday 15th) at 6 PM UK time! This is to allow a 24 hour notice to all managers (different timezones and stuff - you know the drill) Plenty time to research
  7. Accepted the application. Thanks for joining !
  8. Thanks for the invite, count me in !
  9. No worries mate, accepted Still waiting for ToniKroos8 and hoyle87 for a couple of days and at the same time we have 2 lads interested to join. Are you guys cool to get rio31 and adisbegic10 in ?
  10. Thanks, mate! Anyone knows whats up with ToniKroos8 and hoyle87 ?
  11. I like the Roughnecks and Hammerheads names
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