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  1. Small teams from all over Europe E League Game World ID 43028
  2. Just took over Canvey Island. Thanks for the opportunity.
  3. Quick update ... 11 out of 16 teams so far. There are a few people I have invited but haven't replied yet. TEAMS 1. Sicula Leonzio - Eddie Howe 2. Man Utd. - Sir Stephen Beddows 3. Fiorentina - Al B 4. Man City - Kopstar 5. Liverpool - Jonathan Bougourd 6. Monza - Francesco Signorile 7. Plymouth Argyle - Green1886 8. Glasgow Rangers - Hairy Frog 9. Chelsea - Antonio D'Ambrosio 10. Philadelphia Union - Al Kemery 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. I'll pick my team last - Loredan If anyone wants to joi
  4. Since I have a few unused slots I thought I will launch a new game. So here is my new setup idea: Development League Empty Squads - 100 mil budget to start 2 Divisions x 8 teams each Teams: Pick your favourite team. (This way you might get emotionally attached and won't leave after the first two losses ) Squad Cap: max. 30 players Player Age Cap: 21 years - This is a talent league where you'll need to discover and sign great young players. Player Rating Cap: 75 - There are plenty young talents out there rated 75 or lower... Other Rules: Starting ba
  5. Oh right, forgot the antique interface. Thanks a lot Kev!
  6. Hello, Does anyone know how to remove players from the Gold Shortlist? I've ticked the boxes next to each one and pressed the "Action Gold Shortlist" button but for some reason nothing happened and the players are still there. Any idea on how to do it? Thank you
  7. Hmmm... thinking to relaunch this GW, probably some different teams and a slightly changed set of rules... tic-toc, tic-toc ...
  8. Any managerless team?
  9. Applied for Rubin & sorry for being late to the party!
  10. Tightarse FC its me I guess. Only spent 5.8 mil on 14 players I thought managers will use common sense and not bid 2 mil on each player I was already bidding but meeeh lost on most quality players. Guess I'll have to get used with Div 2 for a looong time
  11. It's 6 PM - Happy Bidding ! Please don't forget the 30 man squad cap !
  12. Bidding starts tomorrow (Thursday 15th) at 6 PM UK time! This is to allow a 24 hour notice to all managers (different timezones and stuff - you know the drill) Plenty time to research
  13. Accepted the application. Thanks for joining !
  14. Thanks for the invite, count me in !
  15. No worries mate, accepted Still waiting for ToniKroos8 and hoyle87 for a couple of days and at the same time we have 2 lads interested to join. Are you guys cool to get rio31 and adisbegic10 in ?
  16. Thanks, mate! Anyone knows whats up with ToniKroos8 and hoyle87 ?
  17. I like the Roughnecks and Hammerheads names
  18. All applications accepted, we only need 3 managers to apply: Keystone, ToniKroos8 and hoyle87 Please do not place bids on players until all managers are in !
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