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  1. Re: Luis Suarez, Why didn't he rise? Guess you never saw an Ajax game before. Suarez offers great ball distribution and links well with other players. Huntelaar only had 1 thing going for him at Ajax and that was goals. I have watched both players play at Ajax and I think Suarez is better and has a brighter future. If Huntelaar can be more than a 90 at Ajax than Suarez can.
  2. Re: LUIS SUAREZ - official petition! Klass Jan Huntelaar was a 92 with Ajax so don't tell me he has to move to a bigger club because if that's the case SM doesn't have consistency. I say 91/92. It is absurd to keep him at 90.
  3. Re: Gregory van der Wiel This guy is a definite keeper. You can tell this guy is going to have a great future ahead of him. One of Ajax's key players!
  4. Re: Gold Championship 69 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Let me know who u sellin
  5. Re: Gold Championship 69 Match Reports/News/Transfers Thread Lol I got a lot of errors so I just went for Olympiacos
  6. Re: Éverton & Airton - Flamengo Sensations. Your happy with a +1 rise to 84? I watch this guy play and he has been doing great lately I thought 85/86 so when I read a +1 rating I was kind of disappointed.
  7. Re: U-20 Defenders Benedikt Höwedes (Schalke) and Mats Hummels (Dortmund)
  8. Re: Dani Alves is nuts..Decrease to 85 1 bad game in the whole year and he should decrease to 85... ya that doesn't make sense. Eto'o didn't play good either he should be 85. You see how stupid that sounds? Dani Alves in my opinion is the best RB and should stay where he is!
  9. Re: Gold Championship Game World Economies So ya give Manchester, Chelsea, Barcelona more power... Thanks SM.. Most people say that this is a bad idea yet SM still went with it... Why ask us at all? This is the worst addition I ever saw on SM
  10. Re: Greek risers? Diogo should be 89 because he is far the best player on Olympiacos.
  11. Re: Vasilios Koutsianikoulis‏ - The Greek Messi ? His first rise will probably be low 80s... I watch the Greek League and this guy is the closest it gets to Lionel Messi. He is predicted to move in January window to Olympiacos.
  12. Re: Netherlands 2008/2009 Rating Changes How can you keep Lindgren the same? He captains some games and is a regular starter.
  13. Re: Rising ajax stars Cvitanich is not going to play. They got Sulejmani, Suarez, and Huntelaar who are all better than him. Sarpong really impresses me... rated 80... he has a starting role and he even scored a goal against Feyernoord today!
  14. Re: Avraam PAPADOPOULOS Sorry about that... not real good at this stuff... just trying to help.
  15. Made another great appearance for Greece today in their win over Latvia. Prior to the Greece game he played the full 90 in Olympiacos' season opener. Since he is only rated 86 he could be rise to 88 or 89 considering he will be in Greece's national team plans and a definite for Olympiacos' starting line-up. Real Club: Olympiacos Age: 23 years old Born: 3 December 1984 Nationality: Greek Position: Centre Back/Defensive Midfield (CB/DM) Foot: Right Rating: 86 Last Rating Change: 1 SM Value: £5,015,000 A little more about his career http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avraam_Papadopoul
  16. Re: Raise Your Voice and vote Against Long Term Injuries Great.... I have a 1 man team (huntelaar) in a 10 team setup and he gets injured for 6 weeks... This is the only thing bad about SM
  17. Re: Reserve Squad They should also have a Reserve League because friendlies get boring after awhile. What do you guys think?
  18. Re: Greek talents and ratings I believe Mitroglou will raise either by 2 or 3. He is not as good as the others but has been starting lately. Off my head I can tell you he started the first leg against Anorthisis.... played 45 min the second leg.. and started in the first greek league match.
  19. Re: Georgios Samaras - High Rating Riser He might also start in Greece's upcoming matches due to the injury of Amanatidis so watch out for some international apps!
  20. Re: Diogo luis santo I say buy him now... he is rated 86... he had an amazing debut for Olympiacos winning his side a penalty and showed amazing footwork. Olympiacos only has 2 other fowards so Diogo should play every game and he is by far one of the best. Olympiacos highest rated players are at 90 so Diogo should be at the same level or somewhere near in the next rating change.
  21. Roman Pavlyuchenko After the Euros and his speculation of going to Celtic, Barca, and Madrid do you think Pavlyuchenko will rise or stay the same?
  22. Re: Arjen ROBBEN Robben should be atleast a 93 im a big fan of the guy and I see others like Govou who is rated over him... Sure he has injuries but he is better than a lot of players who are rated 92
  23. Re: Injuries I agree with injuries most take like 4 weeks which in real life is likely to happen but on SM thats like 8 games
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