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  1. Re: Spanish Ratings If robinho got 95 Sneijder has to get a 94!
  2. Sir A.j

    Bye Forum

    Re: Bye Forum Didnt wanna start a new thread but just wanna say im off too... Bye Forum
  3. Re: Goal scorers? I think its a realistic touch on the game because if you see Luis fabiano(90) and Kanoute(94) both starting upfront for Sevilla in real life and the 90 player has scored more goals this season so far in real life so it's not always about the rating... just if the played can be botherd.
  4. Re: Funny Football Pic's & Vids. Can you name who's who???????
  5. Re: Spanish Ratings I Agree but i think iniesta should just stay at 94 for a while because 95 would be making him equal to essien and better than Fabregas.
  6. Re: Leigh's Comprehensive English Player Ratings - Part 1
  7. Re: Leigh's Comprehensive English Player Ratings - Part 1 I say the whole Man United Defence should go up by 1.... They've been reallly impressive for the last two seasons.
  8. Re: 13 mil + Karim Benzema for Vidic???? I Agree next changes Vidic should make 94.
  9. Re: Montolivo, Kerzhakov, Cana, Zubar,Kranjcar, and Ochoa Kerzhakov has no chance of increasing he is most likely to decrease.... well i got to admit he is the moooost talented on the Sevilla's Bench.
  10. Valencia midfielder Manuel Fernandes has been released after spending the night in police custody over an incident at a local club. Fernandes's team-mate Miguel, who was also involved in the incident, told reporters after training that the pair were being falsely accused of stealing a watch. Whilst Fernandes spent the evening in a Spanish jail, Miguel had refused to leave the club unless accompanied by a lawyer. Valencia coach Ronald Koeman took action after the incident by deciding to leave Fernandes out of the squad for Sunday's match at home to city rivals Levante. Discipline Speaking in a news conference, Koeman said: "It is the first measure that I've had to take and now I will talk to the club about the matter. "There are certain rules that have to be followed at the club and if they aren't then it is a problem for the player. "But I don't want to say anymore until I talk it over with the club." I bet some people were thinking he got released from the club:p
  11. Re: Puyol for Berbatov And Rio ferdinand? Ok thanks for the help....Puyol will now be leaving Nou Camp..
  12. Basically im barca and i could be getting Rio and Berbatov for Puyol. Whats your opinions on this deal... Should i pull out?
  13. I am calling the best SM managers and Forumers too take on a tough challenge.... Take a team in WC 295:D There are only 11 teams left all in division 4 if you think your good enough to take them too division one in just 3 seasons Man Up and take the challenge. Be A Man! May I warn you it's a tough league to get players.... Quaresma went for 80 million:eek:
  14. Sir A.j

    Typical Day

    Re: Typical Day Ahh im scarred tooo.... can anyone tell me what that video is about???
  15. Sir A.j

    Typical Day

    Re: Typical Day FFFFFFF
  16. Re: Sergio Ramos I think he should raise to 94 playing alot better than Marquez and Miguel IMO both 94 plus plays regulary for Real and Spain. Can't see why he wont reach 94.
  17. Re: Search for Unmanaged & External Players Only Great Idea was thinking of posting something similar to this cuz im realllly lazy when it comes for searching the external clubs for players.
  18. Re: Who Should Be Captain Of The National Team?, John Terry isn't the man - anybody a You mean couple of months
  19. Re: Who Should Be Captain Of The National Team?, John Terry isn't the man - anybody a ATM I think Englands captain should be Rio puts in 100% every game and would be a great influence on the young players. Richards too be captain in 3 or so years:D
  20. Re: transfer deal Yup hargreaves for benzema i would do it.
  21. Re: Which footballer would you most like to see in a 50/50 challenge samba - mikel essien - gattuso puyol - terry carragher - savage (dirty vs dirty)
  22. Re: Need Some Info On These Players I've decided to buy Jankovic now... but thanks for the help anyway;)
  23. Re: Continental Challenge Looks like only 2 teams are unbeaten in the whooole league:eek: First one is my Club Nacional:D And Fenerbache managed by Reece Burns. Club Nacional will face Italian Giants AC Milan:eek: in the 2nd round of the Continental Challenge Cup
  24. Re: Removing managers from custom setups The way I see it if you paid money to make your own setup you should be allowed to choose whoever you want to be in it as long as your not cheating. Because some of the reasons why my friends buy GM is for the setup so him and his friends can participate in the setup and if someone else took the Chelsea in the setup for example my friend being the OWNER of the setup (which he paid money for) should be allowed to remove that manager because it was ment for a friend. So if someone else takes a team which was ment to be for someone else is the owner suppose to buy a whole new setup
  25. I've searched the forum for these players and found nothing about them or if there is it's info from last year. So does anyone know if these players will increase Bosko Jankovic (89), Leonardo Ponzio (89) and Igor Denisov (88)... I need help by tonight. Thanks
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