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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread According to Wiki he's 23 but according to skysports he's 24. Anyway he looks to be a decent young striker who played in the Angolian Domestic league which he was top scorer of. Already had a training session with united stars Ronaldo and Nani. Do you think he will be put into the first team straight away or maybe have a few games with the reserves then promoted to first team bench?
  2. Re: Official Red Devils thread He's not on the DB yet... bummer
  3. Re: English Player Ratings - Part 2 I 2nd that up to 93 for evra better than A.Cole IMO so shouldn't be rated lower
  4. Re: JAVIER MASCHERANO (Liverpool) I think it's time he gets his raise to 93 IMO he's one of the best DM in the world defo top 5 in my books. Playing regulary for a great club Liverpool and starts for the best national side in the world according to Fifa rankings and ME:p
  5. Sir A.j

    HALO!! - PC

    Re: HALO!! - PC I'll download it in a minute
  6. Re: Seedorf My evidence:D
  7. Re: Seedorf Soz to open a old thread but instead of making a new one i would just like to say Seedorf should change to a AM/CM because that's where he mostly plays for AC Milan
  8. Re: First Ever SM Treble!! This is my first treble:D Was gonna post the Setup Newspaper too but took long to upload so coudn't be botherd:D
  9. Sir A.j

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread Here's my Arsenal i posted it a few times but it's getting closer to completion. Starting XI: -----------------Lehmann----------------- --D.Alves---S.Ramos---K.Toure---P.Lahm-- --Robinho---Fabregas---Essien---Quaresma-- ------------Tevez-----Aguero--------------- Subs: D.Ribas Joao Moutinho Nasri C.Adriano Alex The idea is that everyone is under26 so i just need a few more signings to make it the perfect u26 team.
  10. Sir A.j

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread Amazing team ill give it 8/10... and only in 3 seasons you got a hamburg looking like that.
  11. Re: Lulinha.. The new ronaldinho? Im surprised Lulinha didn't move in the last changes he was highly rated by alot of people and was sure for a rise but o well....
  12. Re: Young left back under 1m? Mamadou Sakho plays for PSG in real life was France U17 captain and led them to quarterfinals but lost to Spain on penalties. He made his Debut in the UEFA Cup 06-07 against AEK Athens. He has played a couple of Uefa Cup games this season could be looking at a little rise from 77.
  13. Sir A.j

    Longest Unbeaten Run

    Re: The Longest Unbeaten Run ever... (on SM) Scrap that my longest is my Barcelona 17 games........24th June too 19th August. Just saw that my chelsea is 18 games unbeaten. 24th Feb ---- 25th April
  14. Sir A.j

    Longest Unbeaten Run

    Re: The Longest Unbeaten Run ever... (on SM) My Real Madrid.... 27th January..........7th March.......12 games
  15. Re: First Ever SM Treble!! I've got a chance to win the treble i've won both the cups. Im first in the league by 1 point with 3 games to go.
  16. Re: Manchester United Rating Changes These are some of the changes i think should happen... Van Der Sar: Getting older now reaching the end of the road getting more injury prone plus i think Reina is a better keeper so Van der sar shouldn't be rated higher. Down to 93 Kuszczak: Whenever i see him play i see a good keeper worthy of 88 the way he enters a game off the bench and whips out the good saves shows me a good keeper. Up to 88. Evra: He's got it all tracking back, pace, attacking ablities and defensive abilities. IMO he is better than 93 rated A.Cole and should be rated higher than
  17. Sir A.j

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread I have now got Robinho with the exit of Rosicky and Hleb
  18. Sir A.j

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread Your doing a good thing with your squad Joz... Here's my Arsenal (i call them Youth Dream): Goalkeeper: Lehmann Defenders: A.Cole (Leaving) Lahm D.Alves Sergio Ramos Kolo Toure Escude Alex Midfielders: Adriano Pirlo Fabregas Diego Ribas Rosicky Quaresma Juninho(Leaving) Joao Moutinho Nasri Reyes(Leaving) Hleb Forwards: Henry Totti Tevez Youth Squad: Kerrea Gilbert Jeffren Suarez Fernando Gago Paolo De Cigile Pablo Piatti Alexandre Pato Ben Sahar Andrea Ferretti Players comming in tomorrow: Iniesta for Juninho and A.Cole Aguero for
  19. Re: Alberto Zapater I think he is due for an increase to 91 he is now captain of Real Zaragoza and has been a regular since the age of 19 and he has been shining, attracting attention from Liverpool and Arsenal.
  20. Re: robin v persie deal Are you selling RVP?
  21. Re: Serdar TASCI and Sami KHEDIRA only increase by 1 point I think Tasci should go up to 89 because he has started every single game for Stuttgart so far this season and from what i hear he is playing very well.
  22. Re: Jorge Fucile - FC Porto I think he is worthy for a 90 now because he is in the starting team for FC Porto and earned a handful of caps for Uruguay which is quite impressive for a 23 year old. He had a decent game for Uruguay yesterday against Brazil taking into consideration he had the likes of Kaka, Ronaldinho and Robinho to defend against.
  23. Re: German Changes does any1 think jose sosa of bayern munchen will rise to 90 in the next changes???
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