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  1. Re: Jesus Navas?? looooooooooooool dude its not that hard, just what I did was say welcome to soccermanager and just speak politely sayin how im interested in ur player and id love to sign him, i chatted some **** about how im from CHILE! and how hes a fan fav of mine and said how ive never had him in my team looooooooool
  2. Re: New attacker Both are probably taken at other clubs...and even if they play at managed clubs, they will be probably sold at a combined fee of 70 million pounds lool. They are the future star strikers, the next henry and ronaldo imo.
  3. Re: check this out yepp signed him long ago, I signed him the same day he came on the db
  4. Re: Jesus Navas?? nooo the new deal that ive accepted is 15 million plus jonathan dos santos plus marco van ginkel Navas is too great a player, and is 92 rated soo i need him..
  5. Re: Samed Yesil (The Next Klose?) All im saying is countries like Germany and France, the MAJORITY of their first team starters are not fully french or german and are from other countires, and this is unfair!
  6. Re: Samed Yesil (The Next Klose?) Soooooooo they should styl feel guilt!! Mesut Ozil i kinda understand him choosin germany, but players like tasci,gundogan and toprak are not even on the reserves for germany, they are nobodies!! whereas in the turkish national team theyd be playing every game! Theyd also make their parents way more proud by making their nation better, same goes for derdiyok and inler, turkey is wayyy better than switzerland and we showed it to them in the euro 2008 when we kicked them out of their home stadium!!The look on all those turks in the switzerland national team t
  7. Is he worth snapping up?? for a fee of: 3 MILLION POUNDS + JAVIER CORTES + JOHANN GUDMONSSON?
  8. Re: Michele CAMPORESE I was just about to sell him in a straight swap for Fredrik Sorensen from Juventus?!?! What should i do man??
  9. Re: Jesus Navas?? Really??? Hes that good...
  10. Re: Samed Yesil (The Next Klose?) Another loss for the Turkish National team! Another traitor born in Germany, who can change the current position of Turkish football, but instead goes for the glory and not for the country his parents are from. SUCH AN *******!! His whole name is full Turkish aswell, wheres the german in himm, just his birth country like ozil Imagine how amazing the Turkish national team was if we had all those players european countries stole from us: MESUT OZIL!!!(GERMANY) SERDAR TASCI!!!(GERMANY) EREN DERDIYOK!!!(SWITZERLAND) SAMED YESIL!!!(GERMANY) OMER TOPRAK!!!(GE
  11. Re: Jesus Navas?? OK DUDE. ive cancelled my deal with 3 mil plus sanchez for navas, because i want to keep navas, hes still 25 and 92 rated which will be a big loss in my team, but ive made a new offer and got it immediately accepted i think its a bargain, what do u think: 15 mil + marco van ginkel + jonathan dos santos = alexis sanchez welll....
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