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  1. didier is an excellent striker and scores a lot but his rating is only 95.Drogba is better than eto'o,henry. in fact he was the premier league top scorer laxt season.
  2. I don't know why Augusto Rafael Sobis and Sanli Tuncay don't increase in their rating.Sobis plays for Real Betis and he is a good striker, he usually plays for Brazil too. Sanli Tuncay plays for middlesbrough and scores a lot. And he always plays for Turkey.
  3. Re: Help needed guys.. try playing 3-5-2:James,tonel,anderson polga,sorin,ze roberto,moutinho,cocu,gallardo,jose marti,shlaudraff and liedson. :)
  4. James Vaughan has 18 years and English. Currently his rating is 84 and players as a CF. With Everton he is scoring beautiful goals and from 80 he already came 84.
  5. Spartak Moskva beat Olympiakos 2-1. For the russians Augusto Rafael Sobis and Aleksei Smertin scores.
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