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  1. I'm having the same problems also, are you on mobile by any chance? I hope it gets resolved quickly. It won't let me respond to transfer bids and most buttons seem to not be working.
  2. For anyone who didn't know; Veron the Brazilian 16 y.o added today is an absolute must buy. The best thing from Palmeiras since Gabriel Jesus.
  3. Does Ritsu Doan have SM's nudes or something?
  4. Have they started Eredivisie? Rise for van den berg
  5. Can I get rid of Leon Bergsma? Honestly he's been taking up space in my youth squad for a while but haven't watched enough eredivisie this season to make a judgement.
  6. SM have really missed a LOT of players during these recent league reviews jeez
  7. Well it's official, Pulisic will be joining Chelsea and loaned back to Dortmund for the remainder of the season. interesting deal, didn't expect he'd go to Chelsea tbh
  8. Happy new year to you all! Here's to a good 2019! I wish you all less sidelined injuries, less offsides given, less red cards and most definitely less random nonsensical player concerns! 😂
  9. how likely is TAA 90 Kane 95 Joe Gomez 89 Harry Winks 88 Pogba 94 (?) Sanchez 93 Stones 91 RLC 88
  10. Should I swap my Stefan Savic + Onana for VVD? Is there a possibility Savic could rise to 92? edit: I have courtois as my main GK and also Lafont.
  11. I'll be completely honest I haven't been watching much Bundesliga this season, but seeing as Bazoer got -1 in rating; is it safe to say I should look to sell him now? (kinda regret not selling him sooner) Edit: Had no idea he was loaned to porto B haha
  12. Is Arthur pretty much guaranteed to get 90 next ratings now?
  13. Sadly Pedro has suffered an injury and will be out for 4-6 months. If it wasn't for that I'd say go for him but for now I'd go for Pedrinho
  14. Everyone's thoughts on Paqueta joining Milan? Honestly will be difficult for him to reach 90 in the next few seasons now
  15. Ffs sturridge is gonna get his 90 back isn't he?😩
  16. Bro the ratings are done by the same people that put Aubameyang to 95, don't expect ratings to make sense any more (lol)
  17. Is anyone else's gameworlds not showing the newly added players from soccer wiki?
  18. No way, Usain Bolt has actually been added to central coast mariners haha, I must have missed the day he got added to the DB
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45490570 2018😅
  20. Was watching the Nigeria vs Liberia game and noticed this player for Liberia. He was very tricky all game and caused the Nigeria defence problems. I believe his name was George Weah, he's not on the DB just yet but at just 51 years of age he's definitely one to look out for!
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