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  1. 5 hours ago, Ahmed said:

    Kante is a step ahead of Isco & Pogba and should be rated higher.
    He wins you games, he wins you titles, he even deserves a 95!

    Vidal and Ozil don't merit the 94 rating anymore. Verratti too...I still don't understand how he got to 94. PSG have only managed to win the French league & cup, and have had no significant success in Europe. He has had an average presence with the Italian national team, if not below average. How is he higher than Isco, Pogba & Kante?

    If Koke, Ozil, Thiago, Verratti & Vidal are going to remain at 94, then Modric & Kroos should be 96! They certainly are two steps ahead of them all.

    Bro the ratings are done by the same people that put Aubameyang to 95, don't expect ratings to make sense any more (lol)

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