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  1. Re: Lionel Andrés Messi Hmmm, i dont think he has enough potential to make it at the top :/
  2. Re: |Kunasher's Avatars and Signatures| HEYYY!! Can i please have a sig of juan iturbe? With his name on it? http://www.zerozerofootball.com/img/jogadores/94/57494_ori_iturbe.jpg That^ as the image . Cheers.
  3. Re: Carlos florenciañez GZhdISJLmso A much longer video on him here...
  4. Name: Carlos Florenciañez Position: AM/Wing Club: Sportivo Luqueño Nationality: Paraguayan D.O.B: 9 May 1994 (17 years old) Sm Status: Not on db. Just wanted to point this youngster out. He was arguably the stand out player from the Paraguay under 17 squad that played in the Sudamericano tournament a few months back, and caught my eye with his impressive work for the team. Heres a video of him playing for sportivo: J2wPiOBexAc
  5. Titulli: Magic27 Signatures HI! Please could u do a sig of Iturbe with his name on it please, if that's possible. Thanks P.S, Maybe a pinkish/red background please
  6. Titulli: Need Help In Finding 75 Rated Rising Defenders Carl Jenkinson (70) reached an agreement to sign for arsenal in the summer, Uros Cosic (75) The next Vidic, John Flanagan (75) Started a few games for Liverpool this season, Those are some good ones to start off with.
  7. Titulli: Re: Stefan Ivanovic When will he be added to the database??
  8. Titulli: Re: 60-80 rated risers Nice finds, only wrong thing is that im sure carl jenkinson and alex chamberlain have been linked with man utd not liverpool ;D
  9. Titulli: Sherfield united academy and development squads
  10. Titulli: Re: Top Prospects, 2010. What about Gregg wylde, from Rangers?
  11. Titulli: Re: Harry Kane - Wonderkid Hmmm, im pretty sure about two months ago i submitted him to the db as 'Thomas Carroll'.
  12. Titulli: Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything Not sure if this guys been already mentioned but, how well do you think Emre Colak will do?
  13. Titulli: Re: Risers from Scottish Premier League Surely and I mean surely..Gregg Wylde should rise up to atleast 80. He's played quite a few games this season and when i've watched him, he's always been the stand out player.
  14. Titulli: Re: Uffe Bech - [The Danish Messi?] Coming on and then just a few mins later, doing that! Great control and finish, one to look out for Great find mate
  15. Titulli: John Flanagan- Future Star! I sent a ticket in a few months ago for this player, hope he gets added soon
  16. Titulli: Josh Carson-New Ipswich Talent! Watched the game today, looks even better then wickham IMO. Reminds me of matt jarvis.
  17. Titulli: Re: Harry Kane - Wonderkid I dunno if this is only me but, it feels weird how someone who hasn't even played at reserve level yet is in the spurs first team squad on sm. I know hes on-loan and everything but still kinda funny. GREAT PLAYER THOUGH!
  18. Titulli: serbia and romania Nikola Maksimovic, from sevojno. Starter and supposedly the best prospect in serbia at the moment. Dubbed the 'Serbian Lampard'.
  19. Titulli: Ananidze or Griezmann?? To be honest i would choose ananidze, cos his style of play is quite similar to messi's, but then again i havn't seen any videos of griezman.
  20. Titulli: thought Arsenal and Man utd were getting updated today? Rafael's up to gone up to 89 and nani gone up to 92
  21. Re: Tales Tlaija de Souza Search Talles Cunha i think this is the player your looking for.
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