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  1. Agree 100% Also Fabian Ruiz of Betis was robbed of 85
  2. He should have had a 93 yearrrssss ago. It's a shame because I highly doubt he's going to get a 93 now, not playing as well.
  3. I was surprised too, but I don't mind as he's a good talent. I think his rise was because of his Uruguay appearances.
  4. JMH probably does all the ratings which is why he's so protective over SM
  5. Auba should be 93 dude.....no way does he deserve to be 95, so that's a bad example. Ibra even at his old age is better than him. Ozil hasn't been a 94 quality player for about 2 years now, not just talking about this season.
  6. The majority of the time SM are quite harsh on old players, I feel like his age is more the reason for his decrease IMO. But if he did decrease because of his injury then you have to ask the question as to how Reus has stayed at 94 for so long. Especially when you consider Juan Bernat got -1 just for being injured for 6 months
  7. Was surprised to see Jesus to 91 and Rashford to 90, but I'm not complaining! Hopefully Sterling, Young and Lingard rise tomorrow. Although I have a bad feeling that they want Jesus, Sane and Sterling to all be 91. Edit: Looks like Harry Kane to 94 will have to wait
  8. Hey Rahul what's your predictions for these Manchester players? Thanks in advance. Ashley Young Jesse Lingard Antonio Valencia Phil Jones David De Gea Marcus Rashford Anthony Martial John Stones Nicolas Otamendi Raheem Sterling Leroy Sane Gabriel Jesus Ederson
  9. That De Gea performance though..... Still baffles me that Buffon has a 95, when De Gea is arguably the best keeper in the world now.
  10. He's very very lucky. Honestly I think just the fact he's Mesut Özil is keeping his rating alive. Such an inconsistent player.
  11. Marcos Alonso and Antonio Valencia (if Valencia doesn't rise id be very upset)
  12. Literally the majority of Liverpool fans say this......
  13. Another player they missed out on that has just came into my mind is Gerson from Roma, surely he deserved at least a +1?
  14. +1 for both. Salah has a very high chance of 93 come end of season.
  15. Last kick of the game winner by Sterling pretty much cements his +1
  16. Auba should honestly be 93, not even joking, he should never have got a 94 never mind a 95!?! Benzema hasn't been world class for about 3 years now, should be 93/92. Icardi will definitely be 93 before end of season.
  17. Does anyone think there's a chance for Kolasinac to rise? Edit: Also Harry Winks certain for an 85 rise, perhaps even 86, thoughts?
  18. It's not that crazy imo. I mean he's definitely not better than Kane who's also 93. Great player but I feel like the hattrick against Milan has people over hyping him
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