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  1. Personally disappointed that Torreira only got an 88, he's been one of if not THE best player so far this season. Seems they wanted to keep sampdorias midfield at 88 for now. Cutrone should have got a slightly higher rise also. Everything else was pretty good today I think.
  2. Lucas Torreira almost certain for 89, agreed? Especially considering Spinazzola got an 89
  3. How on earth did Kurzawa not rise to 91? Starter for PSG for almost 2 seasons now. The dude even scored a hattrick the other week Surprised also that Fabinho didn't rise to 92 in all honesty.
  4. Bernat-1 is a disgrace. I'm so utterly confused as to why he's been downgraded? Tired of whoever is doing these ratings. So many screw ups the last 2 years.
  5. Got to love how "counter-attack" and other tatics have been removed....how the fudge are we supposed to win away now.
  6. Do I sell Thorgan Hazard for 14m plus timo Baumgartl?
  7. Hey everyone is it worth selling Thorgan Hazard now or is he finally performing? I could sell him for 14m and get timo baumgartl with the deal. I haven't really heard much of Hazard so I was curious, thanks x
  8. Watch this guy in the U17 world cup.. He will light the tournament up! Crazy talent, I hope he does very well there. (ps, someone add him to sw)
  9. Anyone seen much of Davor Lovren? Apparently a Hazard-esque player according to The Guardian's list of top talents.
  10. WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO EGHAN??? I remember he had that breakthrough first half of a season a few years back then he got dropped for no reason just as I bought him, noticed he's been playing with Twente's reserves this year. Is it finally time to sell him?
  11. I can now login to my account (I dont know about you guys) but now it won't even let me download data packs and says Player (number) and Club (number) for ever player and club
  12. Someone add Rashica from Vitesse on soccerwiki, has played like 6 games for Vitesse so far this season?
  13. Someone add Rashica from Vitesse on soccerwiki for me? He looks a good talent.
  14. Should I stick with Karius (1st choice keeper) or sign Sommer for 7m and Karius??
  15. The manager is now repeatedly swearing at us in the news feed now, he has a vile mouth and needs to be sacked. Many managers have sent in various reports and still nothing. Do SM not care about the integrity of their GameWorlds anymore?
  16. Hello, myself and my fellow competitive managers within WC 17 are noticing very suspicious activity involving Charlton Athletic and Anderlecht. Recently Anderlecht has been buying low rated players (83-86) for 10m or over from Charlton; obviously for a big cash injection. The manager of Anderlecht is also only 41 rated in terms of sm points meaning he has only recently been signed up to the game. Charlton and Anderlecht managers also both live in France....coincidence? I think not. It's becoming an issue and the Charlton manager is becoming increasingly loud mouthed whenever a fellow manager
  17. Hey guys. Right, so in my GW Ajax says he wants Barzagli from me and will give me Santos Gerson and Marcos Rojo/Daley Blind. Do I go with the deal, and if so, Rojo or Blind? I'm a united fan myself and i'm leaning towards Blind as I personally dislike Rojo but can I have opinions?
  18. I'd like to apologise for my whigning on this thread - you know how it goes when everything goes up:o, everything is fine and dandy now. Well done guys:cool:
  19. And...yet still no response to my transfer queries, oh well it was good playing this game for 8 years.
  20. I'm sorry but this whole time I have been more irritated by what has happened to my transfers. Fair enough you've all done a great job getting the fixtures rescheduled, but why are my completed transfers from the past week not completed anymore? Also I sold a player and it still says it's only accepted which means I have 20m less than I should have. No way in accessing the new player database either. WC setup/
  21. But still nothing on transfers..
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