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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread
  2. Re: Gold Championship 120 Match Reports / Transfers Thread Hey everyone, I've recently come back to SM after about 1 year+ away and I have taken La Galaxy for a challenge to conquer the USA (but mainly because all the other decent teams were taken..) I can't believe there are 120 Gold Championships now. Are they made every week or something?
  3. Re: Gold Championship 2 New Man at Lyon Former Reading and Deportivo La Coruña manager Sir Mike Giggs has moved to France, signing a 5 year deal with Lyon. "It's an offer I couldn't refuse, they are a top team, but something troubles me in this setup that is Havoc, I'm seeing a psychiatrist but It's not helping. When I was the Deportivo manager things were going great Ibrahimovic, Lahm, Dos Sanots and many more players joined, we were 1st or 2nd in the league, until We faced Real Madrid! They Caused havoc for us, I do not remember the score but they killed us, after that We kept on losing and fell to 15th, then I left." Sir Mike says that this is what Havoc looks like in his Nightmares Havocs evil Assistant, Mini Me
  4. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Arsenal 1-1 Manchester City City drew their second game this season with a 1-1 Draw vs Sparky and his Arsenal. Man of the Match Liete Adriano opened up the scoring in the 31st Minute with a Header, just 6 minutes later some Sami Khedira (Probably the manager in disguise) scored a fluke of goal from 15 yards. " I would like to introduce My Assitant Manager.....Some hobo I found when I was in Mexico! At the begining of the season we had a choice of him or Jose Mourinho so we chose the Hobo. I'm trying to teach how to speak English and how to shave but he's just not trying." New number 2 at City stretching his fingers for training
  5. Re: Best/Worst SM Transfers Ever! Best: Messi for about 10 Million Worst: Selling Messi (Different Setup) for Shevchenko and Ballack (If I remeber they were both 95)
  6. Re: Rate My Youth Squad My Barcelona WC 922 Under 21 Team First Team Youths Igor Akinfeev Urby Emanuelson Gonzalo Castro Garcia Sergio Ramos Micah Richards Vincent Kompany Andres Guardado Francesc Fabregas Luka Modric Filipe Joao Moutinho John Obi Mikel Escudero Raul Garcia Samir Narsi Ryan Babel Lionel Messi Karim Benzema Sergio Aguero Cup and Sheild Youths LAMANTIA, Mirko ANGULO, Brayan Alexis SAKHO, Mamadou FELTSCHER, Rolf MIDENBRITT, Taavi GUNTER, Chris REZNIK, Radim FAGNER, Conserva VACHA, Lukás FILIPPINI, Marco PAPASTATHOPOULOS, Sokratis KADAR, Tamás BONUCCI, Leonardo DIMITROV, Nikolay PAPADOPOULOS, Kyriakos RENDLA, Andrej LANG, Michael DIMITRIOU, Giannis DELPH, Fabian ZIZOV, Eli NINIS, Sotiris SUSAETA, Markel OGNYANOV, Anton MARIN, Angel MEDOJEVIC, Slobodan DESSENA, Daniele DE JONG, Siem WIJNALDUM, Georginio MCCARTHY, James SHAKHOV, Yevhen HADHRIA, Nour BOSTOCK, John UNAL, Daniel LANSBURY, Henri MCGINNESS, Melvin VELASCO, Moisés Adrian JOGISTE, Deniss JAMNIG, Florian BANEGA, Ever SUNNY, Stephen Sunday SISSOKO, Moussa ANDERSON, Luis KROOS, Toni KISSOCK, John Paul BUONANOTTE, Diego TRECARICHI, Lucas MILLAN, Nicolás BARAZITE, Nacer RIGONI, Nicola BEN ARFA, Hatem BABEL, Ryan PIATTI, Pablo SILIGARDI, Luca DI SANTO, Franco VELA, Carlos F/W JARKA, Dawid ALTIDORE, Jozy MARCELO MORENO, Martins GIOVANI, dos Santos BATUHAN , Karadeniz BOJAN , Krkic Pérez SCHONBACHLER, Marco DE OLIVEIRA, Bruno NAZARITH, Cristian CHRISANTUS, Macauley MOSES, Victor NOVIKOVAS, Arvydas GALVAN, Martín ALEKSIC, Danijel CHAVEZ, Victor SEBASTIÁN GODOY , Marcos MANCINI, Filippo FREEMAN, Luke ELLIOTT, Tom HESINA, Marco LEOSSON, Ragnar PETERSONS, Armands ANICHEBE, Victor DZYUBA, Artem KORTSMIK, Christian This was going to be a Normal Youth Squad when I first started (Just buying all young players) but then I changed it to a Under 21 team and then see if any of the players become the next best thing. (Most of the First Teamers are already top players)
  7. Re: Invite only setup - NEW! Ross, Could I take Fenerbahçe
  8. Re: Your Best U21 Selection In The World? I have a Barcelona in Wc 922 which is Under 21 (Except Per Mertesacker) My Line up is.. 3-4-1-2 I.AKINFEEV M.RICHARDS G. SERGIO RAMOS U.EMANUELSON R.BABEL F.JOAO MOUTINHO F.FABREGAS A.GUARDADO S.NASRI L.MESSI K.BENZEMA
  9. Re: European Nations Transfer/Match Report Thread Giggs takes over City! Earlier this Week, World Cup Winner Sir Mike Giggs took over his most hated Team Manchester City! Former City Manager Sven Goran-Eriksson quit Manchester City for a nice relaxing Holiday Signings so far Souza Alex Diego Ribas Adriano Microsoft agree Man City Take over A MAJOR SHOCK TO THE FOOTBALLING WORLD! Computer Technolegy Company Micrsoft have taken over English Football Club Manchester City. Reports are saying that Executive Chairman/founder Bill Gates and Paul Allen have invested over 50 BILLION DOLLARS in the club, but they refused to discuss figures. New owner of Manchester City Bill Gates Sponsors Borat and Pocoyo Inc
  10. Re: European Nations Table Man Citys Best Player = Diego
  11. Re: Childhood Toys LEGO, Our teacher use to have this big box full of them and we got to play with them all day, I mainly built Ships Gameboy Colour (Best Birthday Present I had at the time) with All the Pokemon Games, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros and about 20 other games.My Favourite Console had to be the Nintendo 64 I also Liked watching the Pokemon Series, "I wanna be the Very Best...........................................................To catch them is my......................................................POKEMON!" But Sadly the only Remaining actor from the begining is Pickachu.... My Younger Brother has a Tickle Me Elmo which I was going to see if it still works but seeing Shels Avatar i'd rather not. He loved the Teletubbies, He has the Dipsy doll and about 15 Videos of them.
  12. Ricardo Kaka

    Typical Day

    Re: Typical Day -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Weekdays - Get up at any time before 8am shower/get dressed/eat breakfeast Leave my House 8:30 and run to school Get Home at 3:15, Do Homework SM Xbox 360/Wii/PS2 Sleep at 11:00 Guitar Lessons on Tuesdays, Fridays Weekends- Get up from 5:00AM -17:00PM Eat when ever I want Go Running for about an hour or 2 (If Not I'm Playing SM) Football/Basketball Xbox 360/Wii/Ps2 Train my Cat to stop being such a Wimp and Fight the other cat's that are bullying him Sleep Computer/SM Play my Guitar at night With Max Volume on my 60 Watt Amplifier More things.........
  13. Re: help me please I would accept, Crespo has hardely played for Inter this season and I could see him decreasing to 93/92. Benzema is going to increase to 90/91, He has scored 15 Goals all together this season, 12 in the league and he's only 20
  14. Re: Official Red Devils thread Wow 75 Million , With that Much money I could buy Something worth 75Million. We Should sell Ronaldo when He's only got a few years left in him
  15. Re: Forlan I think he will Stay a 93, He has 6 Goals in 15 League games and has 11 goals all together (Scoring 4 in UEFA Cup and 1 in the Copa Del Rey).
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