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  1. Re: Whats up managers Haha yeah man, since 07 been on here just never really thought about it I did my teams with a few mates and got on with it haha. Cheers fella's
  2. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! Beat spurs after a 2 - 2 game went to pens Not a bad start with that team so far
  3. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! Haha yeah by the looks of it i'll need it haha. some out going and in coming deals will be on the cards. Cheers lads
  4. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! West Brom Announce Trev Buckley as there new boss
  5. Re: Song + Muller for De Rossi?? I find that De Rossi under performs while Song and Muller play class. I wouldn't do this deal even if they weren't going to rise.
  6. Hello lads and ladies been on SM for about 4 years... Never really bothered with the forums... So I thought i'd give it a whack. How're all of you? (And is it weird I almost put an "x" on the end of that?) ahaha.
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