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  1. Re: Lost in Translation same thing here! got to be a bug right? SM please fix asap!!
  2. Hi people wouldnt normally ask for advise but this situation has torn me to ask you wonderful people for your opions! I am in a European Championship and i just won the league title, my best player was Torres with 12 goals and player of the season. I have recived an offer of Benzema and £3million for him. Is it worth it? Will Benzema ever get over 93? Will Torres ever get back to form?
  3. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 Can never replace that man!
  4. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Do you think they have finished with Inter then? They seem to take a break over the weekend with the changes so could there be an outside chance they havent finished?
  5. Re: Henderson or Young for Ramires? Henderson will not go up' date=' Young possible +1, Ramires possible +1. To sum it up: Do it now lol
  6. Re: How about using the correct rules: I cant say that i have came across this situation but if it is the case like you say then SM should do something to correct this. Good spot i hope they can fix it!
  7. Re: Barclays Premier League Predictions Forum Thread 2011/12
  8. Eltham93

    Di Maria

    Re: Di Maria Di Maria is a quality winger, set for 93 in the changes and is at Real Madrid, i personally wouldnt sell him! Btw you might think of a replacement for Marin
  9. Re: EPL Ratings Few weeks untill we get our changes YAY
  10. Re: Barclays Premier League Predictions Forum Thread 2011/12 I cant agree with a few thinngs you have said there. 1 = If Fergie was the boss and had him he wouldnt have soild him by now. The best example has to be Rooney, he had a temper, get reds left right and center, Fergie didnt sell him! Just sorted him out. Mancini has to do a better job. I would have said he has turned a corner since his pre-seasons stupidity but like you said, firework insident (ok not related to football, but that shows his maturity), sending off against Liverpool is a backward step IMO. And of course Mancini is the person he looks up to, he is firstly his manager and they are of same nationailty. I havent said he hasnt got potential, just that he needs to learn and Mancini isnt the one to help him.
  11. Re: Barclays Premier League Predictions Forum Thread 2011/12
  12. Re: Poll: Improvements? Nice ideas there
  13. Re: help in buying and selling in real madrid Dont sell him, in my experience money cant buy you players as the game world gets on, you need to exchange players for players in my world. So i would keep him!
  14. Re: help in buying and selling in real madrid Right. What system are you going to play? 4-2-3-1? Players you dont really want are: CARVALHO, Ricardo CB 33 93 £11.2M GRANERO, Esteban CM/AM 24 89 £6.7M ALTINTOP, Hamit Mid/RB 28 89 £7.7M DIARRA, Lass DM/CM 26 91 £10.7M CALLEJÓN, José Fwd/Wing 24 88 £5.5M Get a replacement CB, Maybe Hummels or Vidic or Silva? Di Maria will go up to 93 so KEEP him! Kaka maybe swap with David Silva? If you sell the others try to buy Gotze Ibrahimovic = Good at 96 but is playing out his contract and then stopping football, go for Rooney is anyone 4-2-3-1 GK: Casillas 95 LB: Marcelo 92 (possible 93 in the chnages) RB: Ramos 94 CB: Pepe 93 CB: - - Replacement - - CDM: De Rossi 94 CDM: Alonso 94 AM: Ozil 94 LAM: Ronaldo 98 RAM: Di Maria 92 (93 in the changes) ST: Higuian 94 (Benzema 93 sub)
  15. Re: Barclays Premier League Predictions Forum Thread 2011/12
  16. Re: Barclays Premier League Predictions Forum Thread 2011/12 You say that but Arshavin had Arsenal's best stats last season?
  17. Re: EPL Ratings Childish brain, love it, your 22 years old, not exactuly old yourself so dont try to talk down to me. To be honest say and think what you want, in the 30 minutes it took you to respond (or more) we have got over this Valdes talk. I have accepted a difference in opinion and have mutualy agreed details about him. Wow you have said somthing bad about the team i support waa waa, i dont care what you think, atleast i show passion to support my team, unlike you? Or are you a juventus fan? if you are LOL enough said. End of Valdes talk, good bye and good night.
  18. Re: EPL Ratings Renia up to 94 so he is better than Valdes - Back on topic enough for you?
  19. Re: EPL Ratings 1 - It made me laugh that people have such vague opions (Barca fan boy from the west midlands lol) 2 - Van Der Sar when he was at united? 3 - Here is my reason: what does he have to do when his team has 70% of the ball? As a keeper you should always have your near post covered, for me thats the first rule of keeping. He is at 93 due to the team infront and the style they play, making their oponents run their socks off leaving them cream crackered when they get the chance to attack, all he does is mop up!
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