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  1. Re: Total Fulham FC! Been a long, long time, hasn't it? I have played a bit again recently, so I decided to pop in and give some opinions on the current FFC squad ratings on SM. Hope here's an adequate place to put it First off, the squad itself. I feel that it should be notes that Matt Saunders and Eddie Johnson do not form part of the Fulham squad any longer, so that could be sorted. On a different note, how come when I view the Fulham squad that's going to be included in a new English Championship, players like Dalla Valle and Salcido (both out on loan) do not show up, yet Halliche
  2. Re: Fulham FC Ratings Yep. Would have imagined an 89 at least, and still expect him to keep increasing if he keeps up the form he showed in the last 2 seasons Unfortunately, judging by the Fulham changes, the ratings have clearly been changed based on statistics rather than quality of performance. The way Kelly and Murphy remained the same (didn't decrease) and Okaka went up kind of proves this.
  3. Re: Being able to see what a manager is doing in-game
  4. Re: Being able to see what a manager is doing in-game
  5. Re: Getting the defence to work
  6. Re: Sell Ronaldo for 100mil? I'd go for: Casillas Ramos - Ferdinand - Nesta/Pique WINGER - Fabregas - Van Der Vaart/Hamsik/Toure - Ronaldo Kaka Ibra - Eto'o Try get in Ribery mate to fill the winger position, without parting with any of the above starters
  7. Re: Riser or Dropper Poll Fellaini will be 94... but you'd have to wait a couple of real life years for that one :p
  8. Re: Cup Final - urgent
  9. Re: Player positions It's all a matter of testing out your players and formation in different situations. What could work for me doesn't necessarily work for you, if you know what I mean. I always tend to play 1 F and 1 CF in a 2 striker formation, but that's just because I like it in real life - doesn't mean it has the same effect on the game. Try a few friendlies and test around. in a 3 - 5 - 2 formation, I'd go with: GK CB/RB - CB - CB/LB W/RM - CM - DM - CM - W/LM F - CF But obviously it's difficult to get those exact positions.
  10. Re: Sell Ronaldo for 100mil? Decent team there With a 3-4-1-2 formation or a 4-1-3-2 you'd be able to play all 4 effectively. If you want to just choose 3, keep Kaka, Ronaldo and Eto'o. Dump Ibra. Most important thing is to keep Ronaldo, especially in an inactive setup. Try sell the guy Kaka or Ibra for 100m instead of Ronaldo.
  11. Re: Who NOT to buy? Fair enough, but that doesn't make him a better player :rolleyes: Truth is he's average, very average. If he somehow manages to start playing well regularly then he'll match Grygera and go up to 90. That's probably the most he'll ever go. A rating similar to Molinaro seems fair enough to me.
  12. Re: Players!!!! Help!!!!! Give us ratings and positions please...
  13. Re: Who Should I Sell/Keep: The ratings are irrelevant of the players' performances in the game, so based on those stats he will not get increased. However, I would keep Beckford as he's supposedly about to sign for a Premier League club - if he settles immediately he may be in for quite a big rise :rolleyes:
  14. Re: Help! Cant get this team to work!! Give us the positions and rating of each player. Will then help, no doubt. One thing I can tell you from now is that 4 at the back will always be safer. 3 at the back does tend to cause more shock results.
  15. Re: Is it always best to play to your strengths? There is a bit of a luck factor when it comes to this. Personally I would always select my best team, irrelevant of the opponent - then again I don't have the time to stay checking each and every opponent out, so I just play the best players (taking into account ratings, fitness and positions). Although in theory you might be right in thinking that they'd have it easy against your weak defense, this is not necessarily the situation - even in real life - i.e. if you keep possession their guys won't even get to touch the ball... Anyway, basic
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