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  1. Re: Real clinch La Liga title as rivals falter
  2. Re: Should Carlos Tevez Play Against West Ham? The whole thing stinks. MSI obviously still ‘own’ Tevez; hence him moving to United on loan in the first place and West Ham not being able to do anything about it in the summer. They wanted to keep him and thought that they actually could; for whatever reason. Additionally Tevez would not be eligible to play against West Ham if he were on loan from them as it is against the rules for players in the Premier League to play against their parent clubs whilst out on loan. The two clubs cannot do anything about that within loan agreements or contracts. It will be interesting to see where all of the eventual transfer fee ends up although I doubt that we will ever really know much more than… ‘Carlos Tevez makes permanent move to Manchester United for undisclosed fee…’ He should get a very good reception there, although you can guarantee he will score against them!
  3. Re: CF or F?? I think that it is open to debate. The formation and team style that you deploy are bound to make a difference. I tend to opt for 3-4-1-2 or 3-4-2-1. Personally, if I play with two strikers I ideally like to play a CF (often used as my targetman as number 9) alongside a F. For example, In GC 7, I play Klose (CF) and Ibrahimovic (F) together; this pairing has proven to be the best of all my teams, and in a pretty tough league! If I play with one upfront, I prefer it to be a CF. To be perfectly honest, if the players are rated highly I doubt that there is much difference. I certainly wouldn't hesitate playing two 90+ F's or 2 two 90+ CF's together if that is what I had.
  4. Re: Who Am I? Philippe Christanval...
  5. Re: Who Am I? Thank's and unlucky; you would have got it soon enough mate. Can you take the next turn for me? I have to go out now and do not want to risk holding things up. (West Brom fan so it made it a little easier for me ) Good one Stu!
  6. Re: Who Am I? Got to be Kanu Just don't ask me how old he REALLY is!
  7. Re: Who Am I? Yep, well done Shells! Unlucky George, just a matter of seconds!
  8. Re: Who Am I? Thanks mate. I have played in the Spanish, English and French football leagues (Not necessarily in that order). The club and nation that I play for share the same primary colour on their home shirts. I was not born in the country that I have earned 65 caps for. I have won the Champions League. In total, I have won 5 domestic league titles.
  9. Re: Who Am I? Gennaro Gattuso?
  10. Re: Anderson This is turning out to be a very good debate about Anderson; what he should rise to and why. It will be interesting to see what happens to him during the next English rating changes and the reaction to it on the forum, especially with the votes for 88/89/90 being so close! It is just inevitable that he will be rated higher than team mates 'Ji-Sung Park' and 'Darren Fletcher'; both 89, sooner rather than later.
  11. Re: Who Am I? Well done AjWOODSIDE. I suppose that I'll do the next one: I am the only player to have scored hat-tricks in all four English league divisions, in the FA Cup, League Cup and at international level. I was not born in the country that I represent at International level. I currently play my club football in the English Premier League.
  12. Re: Gold Championship 7 I posted a match report / team update last Sunday (12-02-2007, 08:47 PM) for 'Valencia' but it was caught by the boards filter. For those who will not have noticed and have any interest, the post was approved earlier today and has appeared on the previous page of this thread. I am sorry that it's a week behind the current status of the setup!
  13. Re: Who Am I? lol yep, "The Moston Menace" himself. Very quick off the mark mate!
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