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  1. Re: Today's Transfer Improvements go to bid for a player and on th right hand side of where you put the sum you are willing to pay...it says it there
  2. Re: Today's Transfer Improvements well i clearly underlined 'believes' didnt i! which is why i asked: where it says believes will not ___leave... , does it mean definately will not leave, or most likely, as in mayb get him for slightly less. if any of that made sense?
  3. Re: Today's Transfer Improvements i believe that the players part exchange rule is excellent, and so is the chief executive. however i think that buying from unamanged teams is too hard now. the chief exec. lists a value which is too high in my opinion, and i liked buying from unamanged clubs the old way tbh. and can some1 clarify wether it DEFINATELY has to be over the stated amount, because it ses: Your Chief Executive believes the chairman of Barcelona will not let ______________ leave for less than £__M. the believs makes me think that its not for sure. for example you might be able to get the player for 3-5 million cheaper.
  4. Re: Why can't I buy QUARESMA? thats strange, i bought quaresma unamanaged for 16.5 million.
  5. Re: Transfer problem i wasnt confused willo anyway, i had the same message wen a rooney offer got accepted for 16 million and marchena. i thot it was a gr8 deal, but my chairman didnt why would you pull out of a deal tht gd?
  6. sherif

    cup tied

    if a player is 'DCT' (domestic cup tied) on the game, by playin in the shield, dus tht meen he cnt play in the cup? bcos ive loand a player nd ive checked hsi history nd hes only played in the shield but wen i put him in my team, it still ses DCT even tho im playin in the cup!! HRLP:confused: !!
  7. ok ive broswed around ive used the search tool nd evrything, but nowhere dus it say how to counter 3-4-3 formation. so i thot id strt a thread wer every1 posts saying a formation which they know counters another formation. so go ahed . post away!
  8. Re: formations sorry! im relatively new to this! and also coming to think of it..what would i have put in the search bar.
  9. the formations range that you can use is big. however it would be such an improvement if you could do football manager and pc games stuff: you can drag and drop positions to make ur own formation and right click drag to set runs etc. hope that made sense!
  10. sherif

    Rate My Team Thread

    Re: Rate My Team Thread rate myvalencia team plz. these r the players i rehularly play canizares 37 92 miguel 27 94 ayala 34 94 albiol 21 91 del horno 26 91 moretti 26 91 albelda 29 94 marchena 27 91 silva 21 92 ronaldo 22 96 angulo 30 92 villa 25 95 jo 20 90
  11. sherif


    Re: postions yesss!!! i thot so, which is y i decided a 4-2-3-1 ahed of a 4-2-4 formation because on footbal manager wingers are atakin lm/rm. whereas in 4-2-4 th wingers seem a tad too atackin, ill try it agenst a weaker team tho. not milan !
  12. sherif


    Re: 4-2-3-1 so wat tactics did u play? e.g tempo etc.
  13. sherif


    Re: postions thnk u both of u. i c wat u meen with th 4-2-4 formation, i never knew tht. thnks. i jst signed cristiano ronaldo so ill try him tonite as i hav a game, ill let u know how he dus nd wether it works or not. also, defensive midfielders, nd centre mids. can dm play in cm, nd can cm play in dm?
  14. sherif


    usually positions are self explanitory but i have a thing about wingers. altho evry1 disagrees with me, wingers are atttacking players, so i dnt know whether in a 4-4-2 formation they cud play as the wide men becauswe thts left midifeld nd right midfield (beckham or sum1) wingers are more like ronaldo so i dnt think it would suit him play as a left midifelder on a 4-4-2 formation. more like playin him in a 4-2-3-1 formation. is this true? ne help is appreciated, because im relatively new and unsure about this. hope you know what i mean!
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