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  1. I'm playing with 3 defenders. It's worth buy Debuchy or Sokratis? And about Otamendi? He's worth buy a 2/3 years term? Thanks in advance Cheers
  2. Re: Aguero or Lewandowski I think that Aguero have some problems with injuries :/
  3. Who's worth buy? atm following transfermarkt: Lewa - 50M Games - 15 Goal - 7 Assist - 3 Aguero - 45M Games - 16 Goal - 14 Assist - 4 I think that Lewa have more chances to reach lvl95 than Aguero because he plays in Bayern. Cheers
  4. Hi... I made a great team and Hazzard and Isco both are backup... Should I swap both for Bale? could bale get 95/96? and Hazzard? what's top of Hazzard and Isco? cheers
  5. Re: [skrtel vs Agger] Which i should buy? Agger or Skrtel?
  6. Re: [skrtel vs Agger] I ask again... Still Agger better option? with Lovren and Sakho :/ could anyone play? could both drop to 89 Thanks
  7. Re: Markovic or Morata Markovic! this kid is great!
  8. Hi, i know it's different positions... But should i swap Suarez for Bale? My wingers: Mata, Navas, Iniesta, Isco Strikers Messi, Suarez, Lewandowski, Dzeko I think that bale could get 95 like Suarez soon...
  9. Re: Wilshere or Isco Wilshere have some kid atitude...i think he need grow up to became great star... Isco could go to Man City (pellegrini want him) he could be 1st option there?
  10. Hi guys! Who's worth buy? Wilshere or Isco? Tks in advance cheers
  11. Re: Cuadrado vs Griezmann Could anyone rise soon?
  12. Hi guys, who's worth buy, Griezmann or Cuadadro? could both out to a better team and rise? Cheers
  13. Re: [skrtel vs Agger] Cahill (Chelsea) it's better than both of this? could him rise?
  14. Hi, who's worth buy? i like more Agger but he's always injury and Skrtel make a great season, could anyone rise to 91 soon or even 92? Thanks
  15. Sorry DELETE this post, Cheers
  16. Re: Insigne vs Immobile Thanks guys, Immobile
  17. Who's a better buy? Could Immobile be the 1st options to replace Lewa? Could Insigne rise? or out to a better team? Thanks
  18. Re: Muriel or Matic Have ppl that never watch Matic playing... Matic it's a monster, keep him, he will return to EPL Mourinho want him back, arsenal too...
  19. Re: De Rossi vs Pirlo thanks guys! =)
  20. Re: De Rossi vs Pirlo I already have Isco and i prefer 100x Pirlo! but De Rossi it's a more young...the only reason that i has doubt
  21. Re: Benzema vs Rooney ye, i'm in doubt because age's but Rooney it's not old at all
  22. Re: Benzema vs Rooney Some help guys, what you think about Rooney and Benzema?
  23. Hi, Benzema+Podolski for Rooney it's a good deal for me? Benzema it's my backup and Podolski it's back of backup Cheers
  24. Re: Zuniga vs Abate thanks guys! could Zuniga lost RB position? i need a RB, LB i have Chiellini and Schemelzer...
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