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  1. Well ive noticed that the league has a solid money structure for wining the league and all and i would like to suggest a Board Expectation type of thing. This would help lower clubs gain more money to be able to compete against top clubs who already gain a bunch of money For example ill use my set up as an example. I own deportivo la coruna for 3 seasons and i rarely ever have more then 5million but i still manage to buy good players and i just recently got moved up to Division 1. i would expect like extra money if my club would to exceed the board expectations which would be like Survive Division 1 or get 10th or higher. Whereas a club like Barcelona Manchester United and others expectations would be Win the Division or finish in the top 3.
  2. Re: Diego Lopez yea hes the #1 pick goalie for the rest of the season now i believe
  3. Diego Lopez deserves to be raised as he is now a starting goalie for Villareal after being 2nd to Iker Casillas in Real Madrid. He has the same skills as casillas and has shown it in his games for Villareal.. For Example watch Copa Del Rey Barcelona Vs Villareal. 7shots on target and 1 was a goal. he saved many attempts by messi including a penalty. Continue watching him because he has Potential to be on the Spanish National Team and hes the goalie for Galicias national team.
  4. Barragan should of went up as hes now a starter and did great in the u-21 Gerard Pique has been a key player for Zaragoza but didnt get a rating change Juan Mata's results in the u-21 spain made him known in spain and he was bought by valencia who started him for 1 game when villa had a red card instead of using Arizmendi. Miguel Torres did great during real madrid pre season he was a starter but put back to the bench due to the better defenders in madrid. Diego Capel now a starting winger for Sevilla yet no increase.... Jose Jurado a key player for athletico madrid last season but no increase either... Dude Auote a terrible goal keeper who makes tears come to my eyes everytime he missed a ball going slower then a snail didnt get a decrease.... how can u miss so many good players????
  5. How can u keep Antonio Cassano as a 90 when he hasnt played a game in years .... it makes no sense how can u rate someone u havent seen play for so long?
  6. Re: Antonio Puerta R.I.P it sucks to see another player pass because of a heart attack on the field like Marc Viven Foe and Miklos feher. Puertas coulda been prevented since he had fainted twice before the la liga match once during a pre season match and a training yet nothing was done. he was only 22 too.
  7. Re: Writing on Newspaper in World Championship 351 only 6 people can write on the newspaper and they arent even active leaving the newspaper useless and boring would be better if u left the scores of the results there cuz now theres really no reason for me to look at newspaper since only 6 people are over 75 rating and gold.
  8. dont know if anyone posted something like this but i think it would be cool if we were able to have friendlies that counted towards the players not the league against Clubs not in the league because maybe we want to bring up the morale of some of our less used players or test our youth squads this would be a great way.
  9. Re: best player under 21 let me guess your from mexico? and doing great is scoring penalties and being offsides 3-6times a game?
  10. Re: ADRIÁN, lopez top goal scorer with 5 goals in WYC
  11. Re: Harder player searching no one ever finds kerzhakov lol hes a 91 and i was able to get him from a dead club =P
  12. Re: Harder player searching i definatly agree with u even though still people leave alot of great players out for me to take =)
  13. Re: best player under 21 Adrian lopez of Deportivo la coruna and spain under-21
  14. Re: Asian Cup poll i think korea will take it
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