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    Re: Runescape no i played a long time ago if u notice the stats looked differant from now but i saved a picture because this is the highest level you can get in the game
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    Re: Runescape
  3. Re: Your footballer look-alike!!! nedved (my hair is shorter and brown)
  4. Re: How long is the longest your players have been injured for? i had inzaghi out for 6 weeks (back in 19th dec) with a damged elbow:eek:
  5. Re: If i was a football player.... eric cantona (i just love him) or vidic (ppl say im as strong as him...but ppl say lots of things)...my finishing is very poor but i like to mix up skills and make 1 up my self (i made 1 up but the next day i saw ronaldo do it in a game lol) im strong so im put best at defence i have to say i play dirty and then i shout out "STOP DIVING U CHEATER" and i always try to dive but it dosent work out much from a defender who came a striker who became a goalkeeper who converted back into a defender im one of the best players in my club
  6. Re: FUNNY MOURINHO SONG! o yes this is very old i heard it about 2 years ago but still it dosent get dry very nice but have a look at this, this is really good: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qU9WH3nf8So
  7. Re: Your Fav Flavour Crisps wot-sits on it? WOTSITS
  8. Re: international teams? o so srry didnt no i used the search tool and i cant remember seeing 1 maybe i looked in the worng place srry again...if u wanna close this 1
  9. Re: international teams? but the bad thing about it is that u cant buy any players so ur first 11 wont change and if a country is missed out maybe some one might get offended but it will be kinda fun with countrys in th game:cool:
  10. shud there be international teams or not im not suporting or aginst this idear i wud just like to ask
  11. Re: Kaka & Xavi i manage milan and charlton!? and im sure (well im not that sure) that uv cn gerrad play for england and liverpool more than uv cn xavi for berca and spain so for u its easy to tell the differance and gerrad can do things xavi cant like his shoots and its the same for gerrad; xavi can do things garred cant. xavi shouldnt go down and lets c how fabregas dose overall this season just give it some time and also hes still young he'll grow stronger some day
  12. Re: Kaka & Xavi kaka has alot of enrgy in him and xavis passes stands out but its kinda like rooney and garrad some might say rooneys better some might say garrad is better but u havnt cn rooney 100% in midfiled and u havnt cn garrad 100% in strike...and just the same i think kaka is better but who says xavi is over-rated?
  13. Re: The Simpsons Movie yup that thing sure made me hold my ribs its just too funny homer with the chain saw "han han hennnnnnnnnnnn" lol:cool:
  14. Re: Asian Cup poll but wot if i dnt like to be called by mate i dnt like it and i kinda told him that in a wierd way rlly i didnt mean to get all angry but thats a fact u cant live in iraq and hope to live thank you but u cant say that we won it by luck u can say penaltys r luck but not the way we played but the way he said was like we won it flukly there is a huge differance in asian cup and world cup and im saying it now and its not like i didnt before but (again) the way he sounded was as if we didnt qualify in the first place so wot the year we went in austraila wasnt there big deal
  15. Re: Asian Cup poll first thing first im not ur mate loooooooooooooool ur talking abt iraq here not brazil...the same iraq that cud only win west asain cup and got up to win the asian cup and wot wud u no abt that come and live there for 3 days and lets c u come bak alive wen did iraq v austraila in iraq? and maybe austarila do need to v iraq in iraq and its not like iraq havnt qualifyed to the world cup...o hahahaha i forgot u didnt no that hahahaha...go bak and learn ur history and dnt act like ur country has won it ethier
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