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  1. Re: Formula 1 Thread There is always the possibility that because its a 'new era' that teams are just getting a feel for strategy etc. so maybe come halfway through the season, when teams 'know' what they're doing and teams have caught up to Mercedes, then it may be more exciting. It was a pretty boring race. No one really was attacking, bar Alonso at the end, may be down to teams not knowing how long certain components can last/not wanting to destroy parts which they only get 5 of after two races. Kind of expected more from Williams, Force India and McLaren to be honest although apparently Williams were never going to be that good round here. Good to see Massa ignoring the team orders, which I found ridiculous anyway since Bottas was 8 tenths behind, which is a lot in dirty air and all that. Think he deserves a fair shot at being number 1 driver or at least equal status, only really had one season of that in the last 10 years. And of course we have the Hulk showing his class again. If he doesn't win a championship, then there is something wrong in the world of F1.
  2. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Well he did technically... Just not a very good one
  3. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Well you were sort of right;)
  4. Re: Agree /disagree- new football game Disagree Fernando Torres won't score until 2014
  5. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Yeah people thought we were on form after beating Swansea 4-1 on the opening weekend...look how the next 6 weeks panned out:rolleyes:
  6. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Good for a website I believe:p:rolleyes:
  7. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread Apparently 9 errors/howlers in 2013 alone, which for any keeper is pretty shocking. Personally I think he's just relaxed/got too confident since winning the league. But something I would like to see is the number of errors he has when Kompany plays... Might not make a difference whether or not Kompany plays, but keepers tend to like a settled defence. And just to throw my 2 pence into the Hart/Forster argument, it hasn't just been against Barca Forster has performed, he does it week in, week out, granted in the SPL, but he still does it. Also he's doing it at the highest every couple of weeks. Very rarely will Celtic concede due to Forster making a Hart style error.
  8. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Is there not word of him willing to cancel that deal though as I don't think it is signed yet, just a verbal agreement or something like that? I could/will probably be wrong though:o
  9. Re: Official Red Devils Thread Well you naturally would since you're a United fan, rugger is not so therefore is enjoying it. Although I don't get his point about making it more interesting, because even though we're not up there at the moment and even if we're not up there come the end of the season, it will still be 4 of City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs or Liverpool in the top 4, and City or Chelsea lifting the title. And also journalists, and maybe people on here (haven't read anything from yesterday on here) are saying that we have lost our fear factor now Fergie has gone, which is just complete rubbish as we had lost that a good few seasons ago.
  10. Re: Official Red Devils Thread It's the first step on a long road back for Woodward, but at least he's taken it.
  11. Re: Agree /disagree- new football game Disagree. Same level England won't make it out the groups in Brazil
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