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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Keep Durm or Bernat?
  2. Re: Wilshere or Isco Isco, from a Arsenal fan.
  3. I can buy players like TORRES, Óliver, QUINTERO, Juan etc. But I need money, so I think about selling some of the talents in my squad. Who should I sell and who should I keep? HÖJBJERG, Pierre - 82 ADAMA, Traoré - 83 TRAORÉ, Bertrand - 78 GREEN, Julian - 80 EL HADDADI, Munir - 78 MARTIAL, Anthony - 82 GABRIEL, Barbosa - 83
  4. Who should I buy of Jan Oblak (6.2M) and Ter Stegen (8.6M)?
  5. Re: 4-2-3-1 - Most Succesful System??? Could you inbox me instructions jkerrs? Why do I get this message when I try to send private messages btw. ? You have turned off private messages. You may not send private messages until you turn them on by editing your options.
  6. Re: Youth Team - Who to keep and who to sell?
  7. GK: LEALI, Nicola DEF: WELDER, Marçal SAVIC, Stefan MARTÍNEZ, Iñigo EDUARDO, Luiz UVINI, Bruno CDM: ACQUAH, Afriyie BIGIRIMANA, Gael KOLCAK, Kristian FRIMPONG, Emmanuel CM OBI, Joel ANEKE, Chuks POGBA, Paul CAN, Emre BARKLEY, Ross AM EL SHAARAWI, Stephan DAVILA, Ulises ISCO, Alarcón HAZARD, Thorgan OSCAR, Emboaba COUTINHO, Philippe W CHANTURIA, Giorgi USAMI, Takashi MIYAICHI, Ryo CEDRIC, Mabwati BENZIA, Yassine VALENCIA, Joel DEULOFEU, Gerard OXLADE-CHAMBERLAIN, Alex FWD: CAMPBELL, Joel CUENCA, Isaac BENNETT, Mason ALCACER, Paco JENNINGS, Dale NIANG, M'baye SCHALK, Alex POLO, Andy JOSELU, Barroso COULIBALY, Souleymane Thanks for help
  8. Re: Simao Sabrosa Thanks for answer, to 91 or 90 do you think?
  9. Will Simao drop or stay?
  10. Hello It's been a long time since last I time I played SM and many things have changed. So I wondering if anyone on this forum got a formation with instructions that they have good result with. I don't want any formations like 3-5-2 or 3-4-3.
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