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  1. He messaged me a few days back asking what team I wanted and heard nothing after... let him know five days ago... Although i'm going on holiday in a week so got time
  2. Tried to get back in but unfortunately Matt is taking really long to get me in so I'm out
  3. Well that was the biggest screw up for the start of the season lol... Went to see Micheal Mcintrye yesterday and my head has been so into selling my flat I totally forgot to cancel Alba... So sorry to everyone for breaking the rules and i'll make sure Cech, Alba and Martinez don't play (unless it's a cup game that I have no control of)
  4. You just pipped me to stay in the top flight of 'The Future Is Asia'
  5. Just missed out on promotion but it's led to a stronger second season team
  6. If there is room i'd like to get involved
  7. What happened with the squad cap?
  8. Actually been a bit of a struggle for Wolves so far, but still only 12 points away from top 2... sure if I hit form i'll at least be in the play offs!
  9. Just so you all know at the end of the season the picture will be this lol...
  10. I like the idea of something like a quota on Asian players otherwise this would just be a carbon copy of a couple of leagues... Or how about something like no European based players! that'd be interesting
  11. I think i'll plump for....
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