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  1. He messaged me a few days back asking what team I wanted and heard nothing after... let him know five days ago... Although i'm going on holiday in a week so got time
  2. Tried to get back in but unfortunately Matt is taking really long to get me in so I'm out
  3. Well that was the biggest screw up for the start of the season lol... Went to see Micheal Mcintrye yesterday and my head has been so into selling my flat I totally forgot to cancel Alba... So sorry to everyone for breaking the rules and i'll make sure Cech, Alba and Martinez don't play (unless it's a cup game that I have no control of)
  4. You just pipped me to stay in the top flight of 'The Future Is Asia'
  5. Just missed out on promotion but it's led to a stronger second season team
  6. If there is room i'd like to get involved
  7. What happened with the squad cap?
  8. Actually been a bit of a struggle for Wolves so far, but still only 12 points away from top 2... sure if I hit form i'll at least be in the play offs!
  9. Just so you all know at the end of the season the picture will be this lol...
  10. I like the idea of something like a quota on Asian players otherwise this would just be a carbon copy of a couple of leagues... Or how about something like no European based players! that'd be interesting
  11. I think i'll plump for....
  12. Yeah i'm down! I'll have a think about what club and let you know tomorrow
  13. I've joined... squad is as follows... Mignolet - Boruc Azpil, Kolarov, Mings, Oxford, Cedric Hazard, Walcott, Depay, Ritchie, Bentaleb Rooney, Mitrovic, Deeney £3.5m in the bank
  14. I fell foul of the signings refusing (totally forgot about the +10 rule)... but I'll go with my side I've got now!
  15. Wolverhampton Wanders manager makes statement "I'm going to win division 4"
  16. I should be able to send Scuffet out on loan too if two of my GK deals pull through (which i'm expecting they will unless Muslera turns round and says he hates our Gold kit!)
  17. I personally thought 32 was totally fine (it's nearly enough for 3 whole squads) especially as you have over a season to do it in. Been selling my guys and awaiting the new season to splurge the dolla!
  18. I'm in with Wolves... so far i've got. Scuffet, Digne, Ginter, Meyer, Lucas Silva, Kirchhoff, Cataldi with Henriquez and Shaw on loan which was very nice. As i got these for a bit cheaper than i expected (I lost the Talisca battle!) i've plumped for 7 more potential signings who should make the team pretty hard to beat - I want to win the division make no mistake.
  19. SM World The PFC Nefto Revolution Is Here... by Dean Sour The new manager at Neftochimic has been called many a thing in his management career but one thing is for sure that he is brash and has an attitude, in a brief interview (it's all we could get with him) he explains some of his thoughts pre season. Dean "So Craig" Craig "SirMinter" Dean "er....." Craig "It's Sir, as in an important person and then Minter... M-I-N-T-E-R, are you inept or something?" Dean "Sorry, Sir Minter... We at SM World would just like to know some of your views on the team you have took over" Craig "Well, they sucked... just one of these clubs that are all like... yeah it's ok being near the bottom but sod that... I am a winner and I am in charge" Dean "There has been a lot of interest into your transfers, can you explain" Craig "Why?" Dean "We..." Craig "I sacked the captain and vice captain because they spoke Bulgarian to me, it's true... who gives a crap?" Dean "Who will replace them?" Craig "Now that is a good question son... I'm a believer in starting strong at the back. My old dear friend Layton Baines is coming in and we've bribedsorrypersuadedsorryconv.... ok actually, the ultras and I are one, we made Nicolas Otamendi come over to support Varane in the right central side of defence, make no mistake I think i've got the strongest defence." Dean "There has been a lot of interest into the Depay situation." Craig "He is a good player, I bought him and I got rid of that bloody idiot Stones, bloody guy was a moron. You see I drink tea and the guy brought it over without sugar... who does that? As for the other player I can't even remember his name, life goes on." Dean "Any predictions for the upcoming season?" Craig "War" Dean "War?" Craig "My ultras are ready for war, what is your prediction for the season" Dean "I thin...." Craig "It doesn't matter what your prediction is!" End Interview
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