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  1. I do not understand the updates of the Mexican league. They are not taking into account the results of the "opening" tournament where Leon was the champion and Unam second. Alan mozo is in the ideal 11 of the tournament and they raise it only +1 to 83. ???
  2. ID 403943 I have created a world league with 80 teams and some of the best managers in worlds like GC1 or GC500. Right now we are 61/80 managers. The only rule is that you can not bid for any player until the league is full. 30m budget with which we equate the budget between the most and least powerful teams. and the most important teams are in the last divisions ... it will be a war to climb We need some more managers who want to participate in the ... you love yourself?
  3. Soccerwiki should review the small legues like ( slovenian, slovakia, croatia ....) there are players who are not review 2/3 years ago¡¡
  4. and oztekin 85.... Ridiculous
  5. one of the best of his team and firts player in RUSIA....perhaps +3
  6. i think the next leagues wiil be rusian and ucrania¡¡
  7. BRUMA + 3 to 88 today 2189 minutes and 10 goals in galatasaray OZTEKIN +0 to 85....1965 minutes and 10 goals in galatasaray. Ridiculous Soccerwiki
  8. sahin was 91 .....3 years with 500 minutes for season¡¡¡
  9. Vitor Bueno 80 Arao 82 Muralha 84 Maia 83 Vitor hugo 86 tche tche 83 a great updates¡¡
  10. I think that the next season will be.......TURKEY
  11. its possible, i see in soccerwiki more new players of sweden league
  12. There many players in brazil with underrated, sorry my english is not good
  13. After the Argentine always comes the Brazilian and they have not updated for almost a year
  14. Pablo peres +1 to 86 Pavon +6 to 86 Centurion +2 to 87 Benedetto +2 to 87 Fabra +1 to 86 Zuqui +2 to 85 Walter bou +5 to 85 Werner +4 to 82 Rossi +4 to 82 Chicco +3 to 78
  15. sevilla is possible for me?? and why dont create this league with more teams??? there are more managers
  16. danitz


    To use the old configuration should go wheel configurations:, then Community and then Translation Tools and will open the old settings on page community project, they click on the banner of notifications and enter any of them and take one of their teams in the old configuration.
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