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  1. Re: luis celsinho and franco di santo Nicolas Millan is a Very very good player
  2. Re: Guaranteed Risers/Money Spinners Wirth, Rainer (GK) He's a good goalkeeper ... but he needs more experience in the first squad, at this time Muñoz is the GK on Colo Colo. Wirth could be a good GK for his National Selection.
  3. Re: luis celsinho and franco di santo Di Santo has a great future on Audax Italiano Squad, but he's not the next "maradona" ... that's so much! .. he's a great player but no more than that. At this time, Audax is the best squad in Chile, much better than Colo Colo, and Carlos Villanueva is the "brain" of them. but... Marcelo Bielsa dont want to see him play in the Chilean Squad... What a pity!
  4. Re: ISLA, Mauricio I'm from Chile, I know all players at the U-20 and I know which of them have a great future such as soccer player, also I know all about chilean players. He played in Universidad Catolica's Soccer team... and he always was substitute in his team. he's multifunctional, that's true.. but he plays better only in the last schedule of the tournament. In the local tournament he was a ghost.. he never played ... Medina also is a bad player (F)... he played in Universidad de Chile and now he's in Spain... Sanchez (W/F), Vidal (AM, DM, CB, LB, RB, W), Medel(DM, RB), and Cortez (CB) are very good players.
  5. Re: ISLA, Mauricio he is M and D .. like Arturo Vidal. But ... he isn't a good player, sorry.
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    Re: hello thanks!! =) Well.. I think after American's Cup I can give advices of chilean players. but today in my country the most important players are: Humberto Suazo (he scored the most account of goals the last year) Jorge Valdivia (attacking midfield, very creative, the most important player in his squad Palmeiras) Carlos "pata bendita" Villanueva (from audax italiano, is a best player, a great shoot in free kicks, and his level is like Matías Fernandez in his best moment not like today) =)
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    Well... My name is Daniel I'm very shy so I dont know what to say haha I'm from Santiago , Chile, southamerica. xD
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