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  1. Re: New International Setup Ide imagen you would make it a Private Aplication setup for a few days, so the big teams will be taken by the managers you appointed?
  2. Re: New International Setup Awsome, Happy Is it a Private Application Setup?
  3. Im getting forever thrustrated with the way SM go about rating Permiership Players, and overestimate Spanish Players. For Example. Carrick - Only 91? I can think of many 92´s & 93´s who play worse! And thats just 1 example. The conclusion to my arguement is that I think SM doesnt rate English players as high as Spanish and Italian players in the correct manner. Do you agree?
  4. Re: New International Setup Can i have Spain cos im Spanish!!!!!!!!!! & 1 of most active managers on SM (Fact!)
  5. Re: -Your Favourite Music Pole- 5 Star Thread All about dance music
  6. Re: Ronaldinho 4 Drogba, Sound Good? I forgot it was illegal to ask for your opinions, hense the reason why there is a ¨Help¨ Thread. My bad:rolleyes:
  7. Re: Ronaldinho 4 Drogba, Sound Good? Cos i didnt kno which deal to offfer nitwit:p
  8. Ronaldinho 4 Drogba, Sound Good? In tonights game although he scored and won me the game Eto´o got injured for 5 weeks and i need backup quick... So i offered 22.2 Million, Giovani Dos Santos & Gabriel Milito in exchange for Zlatan. But i also thought of offering Ronaldinho for Drogba. What do you guys think?
  9. Re: Real Madrid Ratings I think Casillas will go 97 in my opinion! what do you guys think?
  10. Re: Cel mai bun tanar jucator Roman Lol why bother writing in English then
  11. Can you buy PC games online? But i dont mean like buy it then it gets to your house in like a week.... Can i buy 1 now and be able to play it straight away? if so how do i do that?
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