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  1. Re: New International Setup Ide imagen you would make it a Private Aplication setup for a few days, so the big teams will be taken by the managers you appointed?
  2. Re: New International Setup Awsome, Happy Is it a Private Application Setup?
  3. Im getting forever thrustrated with the way SM go about rating Permiership Players, and overestimate Spanish Players. For Example. Carrick - Only 91? I can think of many 92´s & 93´s who play worse! And thats just 1 example. The conclusion to my arguement is that I think SM doesnt rate English players as high as Spanish and Italian players in the correct manner. Do you agree?
  4. Re: New International Setup Can i have Spain cos im Spanish!!!!!!!!!! & 1 of most active managers on SM (Fact!)
  5. Re: -Your Favourite Music Pole- 5 Star Thread All about dance music
  6. Re: Ronaldinho 4 Drogba, Sound Good? I forgot it was illegal to ask for your opinions, hense the reason why there is a ¨Help¨ Thread. My bad:rolleyes:
  7. Re: Ronaldinho 4 Drogba, Sound Good? Cos i didnt kno which deal to offfer nitwit:p
  8. Ronaldinho 4 Drogba, Sound Good? In tonights game although he scored and won me the game Eto´o got injured for 5 weeks and i need backup quick... So i offered 22.2 Million, Giovani Dos Santos & Gabriel Milito in exchange for Zlatan. But i also thought of offering Ronaldinho for Drogba. What do you guys think?
  9. Re: Real Madrid Ratings I think Casillas will go 97 in my opinion! what do you guys think?
  10. Re: Cel mai bun tanar jucator Roman Lol why bother writing in English then
  11. Can you buy PC games online? But i dont mean like buy it then it gets to your house in like a week.... Can i buy 1 now and be able to play it straight away? if so how do i do that?
  12. Re: The Ajax Thread Isit true Huntelaar is going to Man U?
  13. Does this transfer sound good? Im Barcelona. <38 Million, Thierry Henry & Anderson Deco for Iker Casillas> I have Ribas Diego to replace Deco(who will go down anyway). And i also have Messi on the bench. Whats your thoughts? The deal hasnt gone through yet but has been accepted.
  14. What´s Your Favourite Half Time Snack? Mine is a bottle of Coke (Without bottle top obviously:rolleyes: ) and a Pukka Pie:D .Football Match Obviously.
  15. Sergio Ramos Garcia is a RB/CB not the other way around
  16. Hey, Ive recently made a custom setup, and obviously i chose Barça, who and how much did you offer for your first/Most important signing. I would think it would be to change Valdez or buy a D to cover Abidal as he is the lowest. Whats your thoughts?
  17. Who do you think is the most ugly respectable football player (Top Divisions In Europe). In my opinion it is Frank Ribery. What´s your thought´s?
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