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  1. Re: Keep or Sell Owen hargreaves and Micheal Owen All I can do is give what I have heard. Michael Owen banged in a few goals for Man U in pre-season, but got a minor back injury. Is Ferguson showing that he may start to give him more time. He certainly showed that he still has it against Leeds. Keep on to him, see what happens over the near future and the choice will be alot clearer. As for Hargreaves, City showed faith in him and bought him, and he has scored, but trust me, both players are very injury prone. Sell Hargreaves, and see what Man U are going to do with Owen over the next 2-3 wee
  2. Re: Team of the future? Edited reguarly. Team has been edited now guys.
  3. If any good suggestions come forwards I will add them to the list if I know enough about them. Well the time has come to review the Premiership again, and alot of ratings are destined to go up and down. Here is the future for England and to get hold of one of these players will be a great accomplishment for your youth squad and future. Kieran Trippier - Maybe not playing in the Premiership at the moment, but Man City show faith in him by only loaning him out to get more experience. Currently getting first team football for Barnsley and England U21s, this is definitely a player to look out fo
  4. Hi guys, Just wanted to know a bit more about friendlies, so here are some questions some of you may be able to answer. Do you get income? i.e from tickets if at home. Is there a maximum number of friendlies you can play in a season? Are stats such as goals and assists recorded? Can they improve a players concern for lack of games? Please answer to any you can. Thanks :)
  5. With injuries and suspensions, my Leeds United squad has barely any Wingers and Strikers. I need one good young winger, rated between 75 and 85, that could also be a starting 11 player in the near future. If you can I'm looking for a good English youth squad so English players would be best. :) Any Suggestions???
  6. Re: need a young lb/lm rating 75-82 whos going to raise soon? Sanchez Watt. 20 years old and 80 rated. Didn't play much for Leeds but showed promise on the pitch. On loan from Arsenal Barry Bannan. 21 years old and 84 rated. Although he is 2 over your search overall he shows alot of potential and Villa recalled him from his loan at Leeds because he played so well. If you could get him that would be great. Junior Stanislas. Again 2 over but may play alot for West Ham in the Championship and rating may go down at first because of a lower league, but it won't stay low at all. Josh McEachran i
  7. TEAM OF THE FUTURE. All players very young or show alot of potential. Post any suggestions and I may put them in the team. All players less than £10,000,000. You may find alot of these players at unavailable clubs because managers may tend to overlook them for big stars. Easy signing for you there. Starting 11. Future 90+. ------------------W. Szczesny------------------ M. Kelly---J. Rodwell---------P. Jones----------K. Gibbs D. Welbeck----P. Coutinho-----J. McEachran------M. Albrighton ------------D. Costa-----------D. Sturridge--------------------- Substitutions and reserves. Future 87
  8. Re: Make a quick buck or for future? Do what you think is best. They are all very promising and very naturally gifted. However, if you have old/need new CM keep any promising CM's. Same with all positions
  9. Re: Jack robinson Buy him. Him and Flanagan both played against Birmingham and they kept a clean sheet. They look very promising.
  10. My mate has done a good offer for a good player. They are wanting to buy Antonio Valencia off of my Leeds UTD hands, in exchange for promising youngster Yann M'Vila. Valencia is 91 rated and 25 years old playing at Man U (as you all probably know) whereas M'Vila is playing at 3rd place french team Rennes at the moment and is 90 rated and 20 years old. Do any of you think this is a good deal, and does anyone think M'Vila may be in the future one of those "He's definitely taken by a manager" players e.g. a 92+. PLEASE REPLY :)
  11. This time it is Norwich who have put in a massive offer for Song. £30,000,000 (and Matthew Gill, lol), which could put me up to enough to buy Ozil, but I don't know if Tottenham will accept the deal. Should I risk it and sell, or stick with Song?
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