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  1. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Rightyo, As many of you have been aware and have shown interest by getting in touch over the last 3-4 days, i've had the Chelsea job on offer. Normally, under normal circumstances i would jump at the chance of managing a talented squad like what Chelsea have. However, due to personnal reasons over the last 4-5 weeks i've hardly be on and around SM and my SM time has been very limited. After giving it a long hard think over the last 3-4 days. I just could'nt commit to what a team like Chelsea needs currently. Having been in this GW since 2011 and have respect for the GW it would be unwise for me to take on the challenge currently. So after 183 games at 3rd Division Walsall, i am staying at Walsall, i like to think that i've built my own little team i really like and have an interest for. Normally i would jump at the challenge of taking on a Chelsea in a forum GW like this, that in fact due to my limited online time currently and change in personal life and respect for the GW. I could'nt offer what is needed right now. I've handed over the job to a who i think will do a great job and i respect as a manager, and not just giving Chelsea over to any old idoit who will possibly ruin the team, That manager is Will Trafford, who was currently managing Millwall. Best of luck to Will at Chelsea. Regards Mark
  2. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Mark Preston was unable to prevent a Newcastle United defeat to Exeter City. Newcastle United slumped to a 2 - 1 defeat against Exeter City in their Division 2 fixture. Tévez was on the scoresheet for his side. Hmmm, was'nt the start to the season i wanted, Had my backside handed to me from a team which was relegated last season. At least Tevez scored on his debut. Well done David fair play to you, Regards
  3. Re: Ec 30000 Joined as the Accrington Stanley!
  4. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread As mentioned, needed to shake things up a little.. I've accepted another deal which will see another massive name join Newcastle in the next 24 hours or so.
  5. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Hopefully! I tip my hat off to Dan, for his work on the awards, well done Dan, a lot of nice work done! Watch out for an massive transfer deal which will hit the forum in the next 24 hours!
  6. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Rightyo guys Something a little different to offer you. If you like playing NFL Fantasy Football/simulations leagues. If you like to be a hands on owner/coach of a franchise in a real-life league setup The UAFL (Ultimate American Football League) one of the very few NFL simulation leagues based in the UK is looking for 1 new, trustworthy, honest, and good for a laugh new owner who will commit long term to the league. www.Uafl.co.uk We have just ended our 3rd season and in the early stages of the off-season with plans to go into our 4th season. The league consists of 16 teams run by currently 15 NFL nuts from around the UK. We run our own NFL type salary based franchise where we draft, sign, cut trade players, then onto the pre-season and regular 16 week season. We have our own seperate forum which keeps things going day-by-day. Adam Gutteridge and Mikey Kavanagh are long term members of the UAFL, Adam runs this, very own SM Fantasy Football league based in around this thread, they can say how much they enjoy the UAFL. There is FAR more involved than just what i have mentioned above, most of all involvement to the UAFL is free and all it costs is your time and commitment. I am looking for one new owner to take over from a owner who recently dropped out of the league. Interested? - Let me know via this thread or PM me for further deals Regards Mark P (UAFL owner and commish)
  7. Re: Russian Championship 444 - Discussions,M/Rs & Transfer Thread Mark Preston earned a draw with Lokomotiv Moskva against Anzhi. The match ended 2 - 2 between Lokomotiv Moskva and Anzhi in their Division 1 fixture. Rooney scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Baines was also on the scoresheet for his side. Blew a 2-0 lead only to get pegged back!
  8. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Firstly Very well played and very well done to SMH for winning the closest div 1 chase i can remember.. Congrats Dan. Raz, hard luck fella, to miss out on GD.. ouch!, unlucky. In my division. Many congratulations to Tony @ Walsall for winning division 2. Newcastle United - Brief season review A season which started with much promise(starting with the joint highest average rating in Div 2 along with Man City, look what happened to them!). For the first 10 games or so i was top or 2nd in the table. At one point i had a 6 point lead at the top. Things were looking rosy and promising, Then the wheels fell out literally over night. I lost Lewandowski for 7 weeks due to injury, 2 games after this i then lost Mirko Vucinic for 5 weeks a week later i lost Nasri for another 5 weeks. All this was at roughly the same time. Lewandowski, 94 rated. Vucinic a then 92 rated, Nasri 92 rated. This was the point my season turned on it's head. During this injury period i went through a run of 16 games, winning just 2, drawing 4 and losing 11. That saw me drop to as low as 7th in the table over this period. We basicially never recovered and was always chasing myself just trying to hang on for the last 2 playoff spots. If i won my game against Blackpool last night i would have finished 6th and claimed the last playoff spot. Instead the game ended a draw and fully missed out on the playoffs finishing 8th in the division. I'm now currently giving some serious thought to have a complete clear out and going back to the drawing board with Newcastle, that means Lewandowski, Sneijder, Yaya Toure, Nasri and Llorente may leave the club in an attempt to challenge next season for the division 2 title. Regards
  9. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Fair comments, Longnose. As mentioned in previous posts, just an oversight on my part! And i've apologised for my mistake. Lets move on! Kind regards Mark
  10. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread ....
  11. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread lol!....
  12. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread I'm aware of that Craig, I SOLD to unmanaged, Then, if so, whats the big issue guys are making? a little confused here. It's been a very long day for me
  13. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Guys I need to hold my hands up here and accept that i've made a big cock-up and i apologise for it. I've been in this GW to long for me not to know that selling to an unmanaged side is not the form thing to do. It was an over sight on my part, and i'm sorry for it. Luckily, it was only £4m and not exactly a massive player in question, so no real, major harm done. We all make mistakes and overlook things and i just did. My apologies Regards Mark
  14. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Best of luck with Citeh Steve, hopefully you can bring them back to where they belong!
  15. Re: Russian Championship 444 - Discussions,M/Rs & Transfer Thread *Cough cough* That is all!!!!!!!!!!! Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  16. Re: Russian Championship 444 - Discussions,M/Rs & Transfer Thread LOL - Hopefully that'll start in around 30 minutes when my mob take apart Dom's lot!
  17. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Not want i needed with a game to go, drop to 7th and a point behind the Blades for that last playoff spot. How close is it for the last 2 playoff places? All to play for on Wednesday. 5th - Huddersfield 58pts 6th - Sheff Utd 58pts 7th - Newcastle 57pts 8th - Notts Co 56pts 9th - Preston NE 56pts We play mid table Blackpool! What about Manchester City! Bottom and relegated!!!!! - Messi et al playing in division 3 next season. WOW!
  18. Re: Spanish Championship 26700 Discussion Thread A mad game! both teams reduced to 10 men, both goals in the last 9 minutes. Unlucky Hannah that you could'nt hold on. I have until midnight to decide if i'm staying with Hercules or taking the offer i've got from Atheltic Club!
  19. Re: Russian Championship 444 - Discussions,M/Rs & Transfer Thread Negredo the silly boy scored and got himself sent off all within the first 17 minutes! 13th in the league... still we'll keep trying. What's this.... What's this...... Dom lost to the bottom club Spartak!
  20. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Big win for the Toon. Beat the leaders and league champs, Walsall 2-0 to keep us in the 6th and last playoff spot. It's getting tight in the run in for remaining playoff spots.
  21. Re: Spanish Championship 26700 Discussion Thread Hmmm, i have the Athletic Club job on offer, do i take it or not?
  22. Re: Russian Championship 444 - Discussions,M/Rs & Transfer Thread Well done Reice. Tbh, totally forgot about this game tonight and did'nt change anything, serves me right i suppose, Good luck in the final.
  23. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread Signed the Cardiff GK, surprised he was laying about doing nothing in external. Ross McCormack and Marshall both signed for Walsall in the last 48 hours.Two nice signings.
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