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  1. Re: Mateo Kovačić - The Sixteen Year Old that €10m Couldn't Buy
  2. Re: Mateo Kovačić - The Sixteen Year Old that €10m Couldn't Buy Any ideas whether he will go higher than 84 in the near(ish) future, or whether I should sell him off now?
  3. Re: Eden Hazard deal advice - I'm selling Alexis Sanchez and Gareth Bale are probably similar quality players, if you're looking to do a swap deal.
  4. Re: Ibra Keep Ibra and Munian, especially if you have a shortage on forwards. As good as Iniesta is, Munian has bags of potential and Ibra is only 1 less than him, so it's not really worth it anyway.
  5. Re: David Luiz The problem with David Luiz atm is he doesn't do a lot of defending. He spends way too much time in the opponent's half, which often leads to him losing possession/making mistakes. He has potential, but he needs to stay back a bit.
  6. Re: hazard I think he picked the wrong option, although he probably wouldn't get as much game time at City, he probably would've progressed better there. As for United, they've turned good players into superstars in the past, e.g. Cristiano Ronaldo. Really not convinced that Chelsea is the right move for him, especially if he wants to establish himself or win trophies.
  7. Re: Need help FAST!! I'd hold onto Bale, personally. But if you're going to do the deal, take Pato & Vertonghen, pretty sure Vertonghen is able to play DM anyway.
  8. Re: Di Maria : David Silva+ 5 millions Take Silva, I think he's the better player anyway.
  9. Re: New Position - Fullback (FB) I think this would be a good addition, if it makes the game more accurate, I'm all for it!
  10. Re: Hazard vs Bale I think Hazard is better than Bale, and also that Bale is quite overrated, but I still think he warrants a 92. When you put it into perspective and see Mertesacker and Suarez on 92, why shouldn't Bale be? I know they play different positions, but there needs to be some sort of consistency, and Mertesacker isn't as good as what he does as Bale is at what he does.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I'd say to keep Alaba and Willems too. Gaitan is hugely overrated in my book (not to say he's not good), but I think it'd be more beneficial for you to keep the players you already have.
  12. Re: My Youth Team I think you should sell the players in bold. There are a lot of possibilities on who you could buy really, depends on which players are available in your league. Neymar, Götze, Reus, Hazard and Bale would be some of the obvious choices, but the chances are they'll be taken, and I'm not sure which positions you need, and how much money you've got to spend...
  13. Re: Cambiasso, downhill from here? Oh, I think I've misread the post - my bad. If you're giving away Lavezzi and Aurier for Cambassio, then that's a definite no!
  14. Re: Cambiasso, downhill from here? You should do the deal, as you've said, Cambiasso isn't getting any better, and Lavezzi is safe on his rating, and will probably rise in the future. Not sure who Aurier is, but an extra player can't do you any harm.
  15. Re: Vidic & A.Young for T.Silva Even if Vidic was to drop, it would be to 95, so he would still be rated higher than Thiago Silva. I wouldn't do Vidic for Thiago Silva, not to mention Young added in. Keep Vidic and Young.
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