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    Seeing that people have praised me for my match reports and I have earned a lot of rep points for doing them, I think I might share it with the forum of how I do it.
    I actually have no idea why I should post this but seeing that this is the forums about setups, I felt it was most ideal. In this guide, I will take you through all the steps you could do to make a good match report.

    On the top of the post, always have the badge and the club colors. This will make the post aesthitically pleasing (looks good). Usually what I do is that I take the home shirt on the left, the club badge in the middle and the away shirt on the right.
    Below the club badge and club colors, have the name of the club and say something like "Barcelona News" or "Barcelona Latest" or "Barcelona News". I would advice you to make it size 5 or more.
    Always have sub-headings. That is very important in a post. You should never, in a match report, have everything under one title or one paragraph. Always split it up to make it easier to read and so the reader actually wants to read it.
    The news part is easy, you just type what you mean. My advice is that you give information that is either funny or interesting to read. You should add facts that makes the reader be interested in or even laugh.
    Pictures are very important in a match report. Without pictures, match reports are usually more boring than the ones with pictures. If you want to know how to make a picture, use Bobo's Guide To Post Pictures. Do not post attachments, they really downgrade your match reports.
    Color, to add interest as well. I advice that you should use the color that your team wears, for example if I was doing a match report on Liverpool, I would choose red, if it was Chelsea, it would be blue... If the team wears two or more different color, you could rotate the colors for each new paragraph and title.
    The language you use in your match reports are also very important. Never, ever, ever, ever use text language! Use proper Queen's English and try to make the least amount of spelling mistakes as possible.
    Also the format of the whole match report should be centred, never leave it to one of the sides, they would turn out to look absolutely terrible. Centering makes the match report look more professional.

    Excellent Match Reporters
    Arsenal 123
    Rishabh Desai
    Ben Read
    Kevin Doyle
    All of the people above have absolutely excellent match reports, even I sometimes have to copy stuff of them!
    Thank you for reading my guide, I hope you learn a lot about making match reports.

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