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  1. Re: Scottish Ratings I still don't understand why David Weir got a decrease last season. It's not like he wasn't playing, or not playing good enough. Weir, Bougherra and Papac all deserve 89's for their levels of consistency. I expect Whittaker to get a raise to at least 87, with the positional change to RB/LB as said above. I wouldn't be surprised if McGregor dropped one and Alexander went up one. Steven Davis deserves an 89 too, he's easily the best midfielder Rangers have. Mendes will keep his 89 and Thomson could maybe get his 88 back, providing he makes enough appearances as he's still coming back from his injury and suspension. Edu should get a rise to 85 as he done brilliantly towards the end of last season. As for the strikers, I think Kenny Miller should get a rise to 87/88. He's starting to find his shooting boots these days too. Naismith and Lafferty will get a +1 too. Boyd will never reach a 90... never, ever, ever. Rothen will get an immediate drop when the ratings come round I'm sure. ------ As for Celtc, I think Brown and McGeady will get back to 90. Brown deserves it more than McGeady I'd say, because of that blatant dive. Fox will get a good wee increase too. ------ Motherwell are bringing up many unheard of players. Big rises ensue for Forbes, Murphy and many more. Jim Gannon has got Motherwell back playing some decent stuff. I'm done, I'm too tired haha.
  2. Re: List of 89s to hit 90s in the next changes (Updated!) Quality post Good list mate, keep it up!
  3. Re: scotland ratings I can see both sides of the argument. Although I know Celtc aren't very good, balanced out by Rangers being bottlers and no fit to wear the shirt I still believe the ratings were terrible. Kirk Broadfoot starts 27 games, 2458 minutes. Added to this, countless Cup games. Broke into the NT. Stays at 87, why?! Davie Weir starts 27 games too, 2456 minutes. Plays in Cup games too with 2 goals. Drops down one. Horrendous. Kenny Miller makes 25 appearances, 1915 minutes with 9 goals. Stays at 86... ? That's the 3 that really annoy me. SM are ripping the pish with these ratings now. They're so inconsistent it's not even funny. Celtc have been regulars in the CL for many seasons, and Rangers were the first to progress. Rangers nearly came through the "Group of Death" but ended up going to a UEFA Cup Final with a terrible squad. You said they hardly scored. Therefore, they must not have let many in. This includes clean sheets against Barcelona, Lyon, Werder, Fiorentina and Sporting. How can Papac and Broadfoot stay with Weir dropping, it's a farce. Rangers got to the UEFA Cup Final last year and negative tactics denied them of a chance to turn it into a decent game. Then, SDM didn't give Walter any money to buy players and because of this, we got sent packing out the CL at the first hurdle. A true embarassment for the club. It's his own fault. Last season, Brown wasn't that good. But, he is a decent player. He is the ugliest, dirtiest player I've ever seen in my life, but he should've got a 90. McDonald and Boyd shouldn't have though, they're both terrible and fat. SM, get a grip of yourself. They ratings were a complete joke.
  4. Re: scotland ratings They changes were a travesty. Look at the minutes Broadfoot has played. For him not to get even a plus one is horrendous. Brown could've went up too. Not to mention Davis, Papac, Crosas, Miller, Bougherra, Caldwell... etc. But, of course, SM sucks up the English. Really is annoying.
  5. Re: scotland ratings These rating changes are a absolute joke for both sides of the Old Firm. Firstly, where's Broadfoot's, Papac's and others I'm sure deserved rises. According to what I've read, ratings are done on minutes and Int. caps. Broadfoot has now broken into the Scotland squad rightly and doesn't get a rise from 87. Seriously? ? Weir down to an 88? Again, what? How can they justify that. He's old, yes, but he's still playing for Scotland and Rangers. Thomson had an injury aswell, and they've put him down. He was scintillating until his injury. I would've wanted a rise. Putting him down is simply harsh. McGeady down to 89. What's that all about? As much as I hate him, he still shouldn't have went down. Boruc too, he's nowhere near one of the best, but a 91 was decent. Barry was lucky to keep a 90, he's terrible. Willo Flood is a wee traitor. He intentionally missed his penalty against Celtc and moved to them days later. He's mingin'. Boyd and McGregor shouldn't rise though. All in all, I know the league is being downgraded but some of the ratings are a joke. I am absolutely fuming.
  6. Re: Gold Championship 13 News, Transfers and Match Reports! Rangers Update Tonight, against Boca Juniors, Rangers manager Russell Stewart played a tough game against a good friend. In the end, Rangers triumphed 4-2 in a history making game as no other Scottish club have made it past the Last 16 in the Setup history. Their reward is a glamour tie against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu. Rangers don't expect to get through, so may field a weakened team in order to concentrate on the League and Cup. Last Saturday brought Rangers' first domestic defeat of the season. It was a disappointing 1-0 defeat against St Mirren and with relentless Hearts and Aberdeen snapping at the heels off The 'Gers, it provides a tense last half of the season. On Monday, Rangers won the first silverware of the season against Hearts after a close 2-1 game. This is Rangers' 6th piece of silverware in only 3 seasons. Their squad is shaping up nicely with many good additions being brought in by the relatively new manager. After a league game against Partick Thistle on Saturday, Rangers will prepare for another Final against Kilmarnock, concluding the outcome of this seasons Scottish Cup. It will be a tough game in which Rangers may need to field a slightly weak team due to the fitness of many key players. In this exclusive interview, Russell also added that several of his better players are available for transfer. These include several risers; Maniche (CM, 91) Godin (CB, 90) Westermann (D/DM, 91) Sinama Pongolle (F, 89) Renato Augusto (RM/AM, 89) They will welcome all p/e bids.
  7. Re: Ryan ESSON In his days at Aberdeen, he looked like a decent prospect. Hasn't quite lived up to the standard I thought he would. He's still a great 'keeper though. As you've said, about 78/79 would be good.
  8. Re: GB Potential Stars Fleck should rise about 5 or 6. However, more minutes and he could easily reach the 80's.
  9. Re: GB Potential Stars John Fleck (Rangers) Danny Wilson (Rangers) They're two great prospects. Fleck has already broken into the first team. Performances have slipped however...
  10. Re: Kris Boyd SM will bottle it with the Scottish ratings. He's a solid 89 though. Yesterday, he was gash.
  11. Re: German Changes I believe Nicu will rise to 87, Gizb. Would any of you swap Renato Augusto for Mikel. Who's got the most chances of rising?
  12. Re: complete English Premier League Predictions I think Anelka will go up to 93, and Drogba down to 95, but I'm not very good at all this rating stuff unless I've seen them quite a few times. That was just based on minutes. What's peoples opinions on Mikel's rating. He's got over 2000 minutes this season, will he rise?
  13. Re: Pedro Mendes (1) Firstly, being top of the league doesn't necessarily mean rises. The players I've mentioned are crucial, and their ratings should reflect their importance. (2) Rangers could've afforded him. Sir David Murray just didn't want to break the wage structure for such an average player. Lee McCulloch's better than Brown anyway, even though he's terrible. (3) I'll only do Rangers' ratings. I make a point in not watching Celtc because they're incredibly jammy, and halfers into the bargain. Plus, they get every decision you see. I'm not delusional, the word is realistic, pal.
  14. Re: Pedro Mendes Someone please correct me if Rangers aren't sitting at the top of the SPL at this moment in time. With such a large fan base in Scotland, SM won't downgrade Scotland to a massive extent. Look at the names and DP's of the people saying Pedro Mendes is pish etc. They all contain a celtc reference of some sort. They're all just jealous of a player like Pedro. I mean, if I had Scott Brown in my midfield, I'd jump into the Clyde. Brown is a terrible player, absolutely terrible. In reference to the sensible guy that was talking about Hemdani's, Fergie's and Brown's rating. I must say Hemdani will be dropping to 87. Fergie should drop too, and Brown should drop too because he's the dirtiest, worst excuse for a footballer I've ever seen in my life. We got Kevin Thomson for half the price they paid for Brown, yet we got twice the player. Closer to the time, I'll post a list of ratings in Scotland that should happen, and I'm sure I'll get the usual pish from the usual people about how Celtc are amazing, Borat to 99, McGeady to 99 etc, etc, etc... Mendes > 89 > 90.
  15. Re: German Changes I remember watching him in Rangers' away match against Stuttgart which we lost 2-1. He was absolutely brilliant, the stand out in their team, well, for me anyway. Looks like he's kept it up. What's better, I signed him from an unmanaged club in GC13 .
  16. Re: Pedro Mendes Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I'll have some of whatever you're smoking pal. Borat or 92' date=' what a hoot. Can you not see that in the video you posted, and in the most recent borefest of an Old Firm game, that all of Borat's save has been basically straight at him? I could've made that save, and the two against Rangers. Also, I would've been able to keep out the "squiggler" and Ehiogu's overhead kick. Borat tried to make the latter dramatic and ballsed it up. No chance should/will he get a 92, that's just absurd. I have a wee present for you. This should back up the claims for a 92; [youtube'] Don't even start me on this "I'm better than Pedro Mendes" bull that you're coming out with now. If you score hundreds of goals better than him, why aren't you kicking Xavi out the Barca team? You're logic is seriously flawed, and what you said just makes you look stupid. Mendes > 90 Barry < 90 Davis > 89 Fleck > 80 Broadfoot > 89 Bougherra > 88 Papac > 89 Miller > 88 Boyd > 90 Easy tae!
  17. Re: Players To Buy Before The Danish, Dutch & German...etc - Ratings Changes! Marc Stein, Nicu and Beck should get decent rises.
  18. Re: Pedro Mendes He's easily the best midfielder in the country now that Thomson's been out for so long. Davis is the only one that comes close. The strike above... need I say more?
  19. Re: Realx7madrid's La Liga Prediction Just done a wee flicks through. Are Espanyol up there? If not, can you give me a prediction for Nene?
  20. Re: Spanish Ratings Julian De Guzman Mikel Balenziaga Joan Verdu Sinama-Pongolle Could someone please give me their opinion on them. Thanks.
  21. Re: The Hoffenheim challenge Compper, Beck, Ba and their Bosnian/Serbian (one of the countries) midfielder will rise too. Not sure of that guys name.
  22. Re: Milner to 90 and more ahead! I'm getting fairly jammy with my Rangers team in GC13. Managed to sign Godin, Westermann, Milner, Mendes, Coda, Renato Augusto, Fletcher, Fofana, Nicu, Stein, Boughie, Beck and Captain Kirk Broadfoot. I'm led to believe through this forum most of them will rise. I've got others like Downing, Maniche, Assou-Ekotto & Boyd. Maybe missed out one or two aswell. Can't wait for the rating changes!
  23. Re: Pedro Mendes Mendes and Barry should swap ratings. It would reflect just how much better one is to the other. Barry is just simply not the player he once was. I was baffled by the decision to give him a 91 rating in the first place. Ferguson, although captain of both Rangers and Scotland does nothing at all to influence the play. I was once a huge Barry fan, but since Davis, Thomson and Mendes came along, he's been sub-standard. Anyone that watches the games closely will see his effect, hence how he got the nickname "Barry Backpass". I for one wouldn't mind seeing him dropped, with Davis in the middle. It'd give us more width with an actual wide player playing on the right. Mendes should go to at least 89, but a 90 would reflect his superiority to the rest of the SPL. Just hope SM don't bottle it with Boyd, Mendes, Papac and Davis. All deserve a +1.
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