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  1. Re: Achievements I'm not....this game is like minor for me I spend 5 mins to check next match, set up my team and leave, that's all I do. I used to be able to rub it in my friends' face but not anymore. Just look at the results and done.
  2. Re: Achievements They planned to introduce this idea. I'm sure they didn't just get up that same day and said hey let's make achievements. I have been playing the game for over 2 years now and all that I have accomplished was worth nothing? I mean I enjoyed playing the 2 years without receiving anything for what I did. But now that they introduce this I think why am I playing now? For the fun or the achievements? I barely have any fun anymore because my friends barely play the game anymore. I'm doing it for achievements basically, it's harder to even focus on the game since I have major exams this year. The years I was into it giving it my all I didn't have major exams and now when I don't those years have no meaning...
  3. Re: Achievements Why is it that my past records don't count? I have a 31 game unbeaten streak with my Real Madrid and have yet to unlock even 20 games unbeaten. Also won 10 league games in a row and yet to even unlock 5 league games in a row. Need to fix this man. Simple stuff like come back from losing at halftime and win I have done and it hasn't shown up.
  4. Look at this bug is this supposed to be a bye in a cup or what? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/823/87877461.png/
  5. Re: Advice on squad trimming Gosh I really have no advice. The best thing to do is sell the ones who have the worst form or lowest morale. Good Luck;)
  6. Re: Counter formations 3-5-2 short passing slow tempo. I can't tell you how much I love this I've won 16 straight games with this. would've been more but my computer got damaged and I missed two games
  7. Re: 3-5-2 Fail, help with tactics I started using 3-4-1-2 against these pests called unmanaged clubs and my latest is 4-1 win
  8. Re: Transfer availability option First of all if you change a player's status to Transfer List Part Exchange and you actually expect player(s) then you will be making a deal with an managed club. I don't see the logics behind for instance swapping Lahm for Ribery. You might think it's benifitting when most times it's actually benifitting the person, eg. The person who has an A side average of 94 swaps Lahm, who is on his B side, for Ribery to turn his A side average to 95. You on the other hand have your highest defender at 92 and need him. You sell a valuable winger since you already have a 93 rated player to cover this position. It's just an example of what typically happens. IMO it's unnecessary to implement your idea.
  9. Re: juan vargas keep or sell? If you have Rami, then you should sell Vargas, He will most likely stay at 90 or possibly with a little chance rise to 91. But Rami will most likely rise to 91 since moving to Valencia.
  10. Re: stevan jovetic? Keep him, anyone in football encounters minor/major injuries will not play like before, the will play lackadaisical for a while until the get the passion back. But he is still a great player to have in your line up.
  11. Re: fernando llonrente or dzeko That is true, but Dzeko isn't likely to rise. He isn't even playing like a 92 IMO. Llorente might have the disadvantage of playing for Athletic Club, but Athletic Club has rising stars like Muniain, Mikel San Jose, Javi Martinez and Ander Herrera, he also plays for a better National Team. But Dzeko since he is of the few on Bosnia that are talented, will be a more frequent starter than Llorente. I would keep Llorente as he will more likely rise the next rating change over Dzeko.
  12. Re: player rating Well it's hard to say, he will rise but maybe not anytime soon. He doesn't get frequent games for Brazil, but he is worth buying, in time he will probably reach 93/94 IMO.
  13. Re: Sergio Aguero deal Well it all depends, do you really need Aguero or are you just buying him because he is highly rated? I would'nt do these deals. First and foremost if I offered for aguero I would offer a player in that position plus money. I don't think it's a wise idea to swap with wingers period. Also is Aguero at a managed or external club? If he is at a managed club you should think about offering Money + 2 Decent Players since not many managers will accept one player plus money.
  14. Re: Can Messi get to 100? If they make Messi 100 now it will be unfair. IMO Ronaldinho was better than Messi in his prime.
  15. Re: Best soccer manager team Look at my friends team, probably best in soccer manager (He bought 70 rated players because he was idle:p) http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1689050&clubid=6054760&sid=8417
  16. Re: Best formation for Long Ball Would 3-4-3 be good? The midfield is just right and I have 3 forwards.
  17. What formation is best for long ball?
  18. Re: 3-5-2 Fail, help with tactics I know I'm experienced, that's the whole purpose why I wrote this thread. I don't know why it wouldn't work first two matches, third times the charm. In my third match in a cup I won 6-1 but no celebration. It was an unmanaged club with their highest player being rated 85. Also a bittersweet end, Alexis Sanchez is out for 4 weeks
  19. I've been using 3-5-2 for quite some while with my clubs. I recently took over a Zaragoza http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=3212175&clubid=23420081&sid=42877 As you can see the squad is awesome but I've used 3-5-2 in my first two matches and lost, even worse to an unmanaged club. Any suggestions? Should I try new tactics or not?
  20. Titulli: How to Quickly Become a Winning SM Manager 3-5-2 short and slow is the best. I win 16 matches straight with it.
  21. Recently I had a discussion with my friends and this topic came up. Who do you think is better Suarez or Neymar. Name your reasons for choosing whoever and not choosing whoever.
  22. Re: which ones should i buy Buy them all and see for yourself, they aren't expensive because they are young. You really didn't give us a good choice you put all 70s and we cant decide on which is best because most of them are 18 and under, which means they haven't really played international matches yet:confused:
  23. Re: javier hernandez Hernandez will go up to 91 or 92 by the end of EPL. Thats just my opinion. He has been playing well since he got in the starting 11.
  24. Re: need serious help with amazing team Use 3-5-2 normal and put pepe in the dm/cb position and put an arrow pointing back. I have a similar Manchester City and I use that and my latest result is 4-0:eek: . Use 4-5-1 with one man from the 5 mids with an arrow pointing forward. First of all it all depends on home/away matches. Second on the opponent's tactics. For Home matches do the following: 3-5-2 Normal Tempo: Normal Playmaker Target Man Counter Attack Tight Marking For Away Matches do the following: 4-5-1 Mentality : Defensive Tempo: Normal Men behind ball Tight Marking Offside trap Counter Attack Playmaker I didn't include passing and attacking style because it depends opponent's tactics. If u want help when facing opponent's tactics pm me. For example if u are facing someone at home and he is using 4-2-4 attacking all u have to do is change your attacking style as down both flanks.
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