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  1. I want to swap Pjanic with a wing U 21 that will grow much in the future and I was thinking to get Schurrle .Should I get Schurrle or you have another suggestion ?
  2. Re: Lass Diarra for Lampard ? You should get Lampard and Martin
  3. Re: Coentrao Deal URGENT!! Don't even think to reject , it's a great deal for you
  4. Re: Gerrard or Muller Thanks for the advice guys . Now I hope the other manager will accept the deal.
  5. Re: Young forwards? yarmolenko is a good choice . he has everithing you could want from a forward speed , a good shot , good heading etc. if he moves to a bigger club he will have a great rate in the future.
  6. I have Gerrard on my team but I whant to swap him with Muller because Muller is much more young and it seems he will have a great future . I should do it?
  7. Re: Hulk or Ballotelli Defenetly go for Hulk . Ballotelli is a good player but with that attitude he won't grow more than 90 . Hulk is a great player and he plays at a good club still Europa League champion .Heard Man. United is intersted in Hulk and Falcao.
  8. Re: Aguero+Sahin = Busquets keep Aguero and sahin . both are young and both are great players .I think in 2 seasons Sahin will get to 93 so you lose way to much.
  9. Re: Miralem Pjanic or Toni Kroos? Thanks for the advice . That's what i will do. I wanted to swap Pjanic because he is at Lyon and in a championship weaker than Bundesliga while Kroos is a starter at Leverkusen and he plays for the national team of Germany to.
  10. Who do you think is better ? I already have Pjanic on my team but I don't see him growing in the next season . I thought maybe Kroos has more chances to grow.Should I give Pjanic for Kroos?
  11. Re: European U17 it look's like the danish Viktor Fischer is doing great to.
  12. I created this topic because these days there is the european championship U17 and we can put here the new talents that apear.For example I saw a great GK in the Czech Republic team . He's name is Zima and he made an icredible mach with Germany . Maybe he is the new Petr Cech.
  13. Re: Retired/Older Player ratings at their peak... Do you know Hagi or Gica Popescu?
  14. I want to buy a CM that is U-19 and will grow strong in the future . I was thinking at one of David Alaba, Josh Mceachran or Markus Henriksen . Who do you think I should buy?
  15. Re: Who is best? Look's like I can't buy Thiago Alcantara anymore cause the other manager changed hes mind.Thant meens my options remain Lucas Rodrigues or Erik Lamela
  16. I have the chance to buy Thiago Alcantara , Lucas Rodrigues and Erik Lamela but I have money for only one of them .Which one of them should I buy?
  17. Re: problem concerning goalkeepers
  18. Re: A great goalkeeper It looks like Thibaut Courtois is the best bet at the moment .In Jupiter League Genk is doing good and they havent recived to much goals. And I see he is the first choice for now so I think I will buy him.
  19. Hello everybody. I want to buy a goalkeeper that is U-19 and will have a great future.Can someone give me a name ore two?But please only keepers that have a great future. Thanks.
  20. Re: Toni Kroos or Mario Gotze ? Ok i did it .Now i hope gotze will not be injured.Thanks guys
  21. I have Toni Kroos at my team and i have a chance to swap him with Mario Gotze .Should i do it?
  22. Can someone help me with some players that value only 10k and will have a bright future?
  23. Re: help ! I would keep Pjanic.He has 20 years and you can use him as wing to.I say Pjanic better than Marko Marin.
  24. I have a chance to buy Javi Martinez and that manager want's Yann M'vila in exchange .Should i do it?
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