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  1. Start in div 5 and try to get to div 1. Apply and i will accept. ID is 306197. Have Fun
  2. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - 12/13 Winter Predictions Up! - by BRNL||- Hi guys, I have been looking for a new keeper in a league where you can only buy under 81 players. I have decided to buy either robbin ruiter or kostas lamprou. Which would you recommend? Also if there are any other GKs which are better could you tell me them. thanks for any help.
  3. shamus2

    2 Questions

    1.) Do you pay all of your players their wages every turn, even if they don't play? 2.) How long does a player transfer ban last after you buy him? Sorry if these questions have been asked before but I can't find them on the forum.
  4. Re: New game world Hello mate, I just applied for "al shabab"
  5. Re: Best young gk's, cheap with high potential do you think Joris Delle will rise in the next changes or the ones after that? thanks.
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... which keeper with 84 and under rating would you recommend?
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Does anyone know an 87 or under LB's that will rise in next changes and will Serge Aurier or Faouzi Ghoulam rise in the next changes?
  8. Does anyone know any good 87 or under LB's that will rise in next changes? Thanks
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... can someone suggest a good future forward to get for 2mil or less?
  10. Re: YBR - Young Brazilian Risers (Predictions on the first page) If you had to choose one of the below which would you pick? samuel rosa gabriel pinto fred santos nascimento rhayner nascimento marquinhos thank you:).
  11. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) will charles kabore rise or not?
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... will charles kabore rise in the upcoming changes?
  13. Re: New custom game to join i have taken Eintracht Frankfurt:)
  14. Re: Low rated U21 portugese Risers . . . . . who are the best ones?
  15. Re: My predictions for some young players!!! spelling mistake his name is aly ahamada
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