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  1. Help me i'm still can not click propose offer button when i bid player from other club why?I hope there is ((the traditional and new button's of transfer in transfer page))like traditional and interactive button's in tactic,and lastly i hope someone can help me and soccermanager administration can read this massage..
  2. Re: Propose bid Sorry my english is very poor,i mean if i want to bid the player such as it value 10m,then i've offer 15m, after that we need propose our offer to another club here is the problem ((when i click the button of propose offer it not turn to alter offer and transfered offer page))why?
  3. Someone help me please,how i want to propose my bid?because when i click propose bid it back to player transfer value bid,it page not change to advance where i should be transfer offer or alter offer to another club.
  4. Re: Dudes Help Me Now!!! I think when van persie is your key player you need to reject it..
  5. Actually this mail is written for me to be sent soccermanager addministration(SMA),but i send this mail here too,perhap (SMA) and those who can help me could read this mail here. I want to appeal a problem I encounter to (SMA),I am online SM through operamini by using mobile phone not a computer because currently I don't own any PC.So i am interested with the new tactic interface,however when i tried to substitute my player by following the instruction given (click and drag player onto shirt) it didn't workperhaps because i only used mobile. So its hard to substisute my player before next m
  6. Youth squad can shcedule by manager once or twice a week,it is good because like real life they have youth squad and play thier game before they send to senior squad after they have enough ability to join senior club
  7. Good suggestion,normal member can manage up to 5 club
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    I'm new forum member,have fun..
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