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  1. Re: New Setup I wanted inter but i took my agreed team which was lyon. dont worry mate gaz will kick them off if they arent supposed to be inter
  2. Re: Guaranteed Risers/Money Spinners YEHA I have cerci and hes class! lovin the thread great work!
  3. Re: New Setup what team did arsenal 123 have? if good can i have them?
  4. Re: Local Lads Setup - Greig Spence dunno what this is about but i live near gillingham haha dont like em tho! good posting !
  5. Re: The official apology thread! Thanks for your support. Hope you dont blame my sister if you still dislike me anyways thanks for the support and you have my promises im on the clean and narrow!
  6. Re: The official apology thread! Nice work and i will be good my sister made me but as she told me only I can be the good one! And i will be
  7. Re: The official apology thread! no lola is my sister didnt you all know?
  8. Re: The official apology thread! I got banned and didnt bother coming bk even tho it ran out october 10th BUT am back now and i really wanna get my head down and turn my -26 rep into +126 lol
  9. Re: The official apology thread! sorry i cant do it jinky just gave me a negative rep point sorry im gone for good see ya he gave me a negative rep point for this thread
  10. Re: New Setup SO GUTTED that i cant be bayern But I believe i can take a not so great lyon team and turn them great so here goes btw sorry friends hope you can forgive me for being a noob!
  11. Hey i was banned and i admit it was my fault however! I am willing to behave make friends and become a great forumer! I made mistakes and i would like to put them behind me. Especially havoc i dunno if you can forgive me but im sorry we got off on the wrong foot-feet lol. I wont be on much but for now id like to be friends and for many more happy times together. moleo x
  12. Re: Goodbye For now... you dont read the posts
  13. Re: THE BEST PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL? For me its johann he was the hippy legend! Wheres henry?
  14. Re: Who do u think will win the UEFA Champions League this season? MASSIVE MISTAKE left out barcelona! :eek:
  15. Re: Goodbye For now... i got an idea you leave
  16. Re: zlatan ibrahimovic that video is rubbish it moves on before hes even done anything. find a better one to justify such a good player. p.s HE REMINDS ME OF BERBATOV SO MUCH
  17. Re: Goodbye For now... shut up about god you 1 sided arrogant hypocritic atheist!
  18. Re: Goodbye For now... SHUT UP they may aswell not let people join the forum cos since the 1st post i put. people have been hostile towards me? Maybe they are jealous but what off its a forum? I hate it and its a joke tbh
  19. Re: Goodbye For now... HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH i pm'd him ages ago with EXTREME politeness and he said how about..... no cos i hate you your scum THATS Y I H8 HAVOC
  20. Re: Goodbye For now... Havoc has gave me a neg rep point everyday since i joined! that is why i sent him this pm. did i send you the pm NO so listen to my story before you abuse me! I would be happy if he died and if that gets me banned then there is no freedom of view in this forum. He is the one that keeps HARASSING me by neg reppin me EVERY DAY
  21. Re: Arsenal Gossip ok there ya go see ya later best buds!
  22. Re: Arsenal Gossip And your not racist towards people form leeds? OK THEN neway arsenal derserve it last night or not?
  23. Re: Arsenal Gossip er no cos she lives 40 mile away??? well off to college have a GREAT day my BEST buddy
  24. Re: Arsenal Gossip hahahah you have no idea little boy.... neway bedntner good enough?
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