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  1. Re: Rate My Team Thread My barcelona 1st 11 is..... Casillas Zambrotta Lahm Puyol Terry x'avi Ronaldo Kaka Henry Eto'o Ronaldinho. I have a very good youth squad as well as i think it is important to find young gems such as jozy altidore. My favorite team however is my juve who i got promoted 2 seasons running and are now 1st in division 1. :D :D
  2. Re: WC 867 i manage atletico madrid you?
  3. I had barcelona but i choose atletico madrid instead because i fancied a challenge anyone got a team i really wanted atletico and they were easy to get. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  4. Re: Big Big offer for Kaka... Great advice. I said it was rubbish because i sold kaka for ronaldinho and henry.
  5. Re: Big Big offer for Kaka... dont accept 30 de rossi and mexes thats a rubbish offer m8
  6. Re: EC 386 Martins is ready to leave Newcastle united after he feels he is ready for a new challenge. He always gets into Newcastle's first 11, but still feels that he needs a bigger challenge at a different club. He is for sale at a price of around 14 million pound. Which i feel is cheap for such a young talented player rated at 91.
  7. Re: European champ 13! you cant offer me enough for deco m8 sorry.
  8. Re: Morale... oooooo well i just did my whole milan team and none of the wages increased not even kaka's!!!!!!
  9. Re: European champ 13! actualy i dont wanna do that deal i want cash or il do deco and something for a very good player like fabregas???
  10. Re: European champ 13! erm well deco id do 15 plus pablo?
  11. Re: European champ 13! i do manage small teams my lazio is absolute quality and top of division 1. MESSI IS NOT FOR SALE RONALDINHO AND DECO ARE AND EDMILSON
  12. Re: EC 386 im newcastle i accepted 18 mill for owen but if u want him il cancel and accept ur offer?
  13. Re: Morale... what? it never has upped my wages and iv been doing it for a year :confused:
  14. Re: European champ 13! people should be quicker then :p
  15. Once again i got barcelona thats my 8th barce! But i do manage small teams i dont always go for the giants! who did you all get?
  16. Do you feel that leeds united will be able to pull through their current situation of being minus 12 points after winning their 1st match??? As a leeds fan i have stayed loyal to them but it makes me feel sad that a club which was once giant killers and would of had an average rating on sm of about 93 :D :D is now a mickey mouse team! How do you feel?
  17. Re: Morale... The first thing that i do every time i take over a club is offer every player a new contract (where possible) because this improves there morale at least one step-up. So yes i think its important and to improve the morale. OFFER THAT CONTRACT!!!! :p
  18. Re: EUROPEAN CHAMP 10 RONALDINHO IS FOR SALE! Serious offers only please. Only do player exchanges as i have loads of cash.
  19. Re: Eureopean Championship 9 hey mondi i will only sell emerson for 14 mill cos hes still very good mate and i feel that thats fair.
  20. Re: Eureopean Championship 9 im real madrid in ec 9 but i created ec 10.
  21. Re: Eureopean Championship 9 want to sell anyone- anybody?????????
  22. Re: Eureopean Championship 9 i am reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal madrid
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