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  1. Re: Arsenal Gossip Seeing as bedntner scored last night and looks good anyway can anybody see him getting league performances?
  2. Re: Spanish Ratings There is a lot of repitition there. glad about navas.
  3. Re: Arsenal Gossip I said rooney cos i disagree that rooney has great finishing not that i think rooney is good. Leeds yer alright top of the league hmmmm played 7 won 7 hmmmmm yer ok then ok.....
  4. Re: Preston North End showing interest you mean from leeds when he was at preston he was pants and he actualy came from man u.
  5. Re: Fabregas vs. Others CMs in the world SHUT UP ABOUT SPAMMING its a debate ******.
  6. Re: Fabregas vs. Others CMs in the world Your not going to and what do you mean by home? Anfield definitely is not the home of the title.
  7. Re: Fabregas vs. Others CMs in the world Good point porto stuffed you on the pitch what a lucky draw. But hasselbank and fowler arent premiership quality they only scored 2 each last season they are championship quality so bad point there.
  8. Re: Fabregas vs. Others CMs in the world I vote pirlo my top 3 would be 1- pirlo. 2- x'avi 3- fabregas
  9. Re: Real Madrid Ratings like who? gerrard- very good no way worlds best. alonso- average player but is a technition of cunning ability. pennant- nothing special at all. Benayoun- same as pennant. sissoko- who? (my point exactly)
  10. Re: Real Madrid Ratings HA HA i think il let the kid have his candy but youl have to search hard to find somebody who agrees that liverpool have best in the world.
  11. Re: Real Madrid Ratings see you are so blinded by what you feel is a great club (liverpool) that you fail to recognise the talents of other teams! just cos im a leeds fan dont mean i cant like fabregas
  12. Re: Real Madrid Ratings being on poor form makes you poor
  13. Re: Real Madrid Ratings Alonso as good as fabregas! Give it up mate and go get some mental counceling! alonso is poor that is why he got a decrease.
  14. Re: Arsenal Gossip that link wont work unless you take off the : D at the end of it
  15. Re: Barcelona rating changes! Yet again the ratings failed to be done on time. But i shall give sm a chance and wait till later today before i rave my anger at them.
  16. Re: Barcelona rating changes! Then you know nothing about football. He is statistically according to fifa 3rd best player in the world so if he doesnt deserve 97 then lower gerrard and kaka to 91's Etoo does so much in a game 97! 97! 97!
  17. Re: Arsenal Gossip I SAID 5-0!!!! What a game i went to 5 goals! And i went to sevilla yes!!!!!! Despite adebayor getting a hat-trick god he was bad! Fabregas was truly unbelievable and walcott was an utter joke! looks good tho p.s what a load of garbage about gilberto leaving.
  18. Re: Goodbye For now... wait till you kids hit uni! 10,000 words not year 10
  19. Re: The Chatroomer of the year - Set 1 Nominations what a joke half are never on and u missed out some key people close this boring thread dont reply iv unsubscribed just an opinion doesn't need a reply
  20. Re: Barcelona rating changes! Do you even read the threads u silly fish. LOADS have said henry to go down!
  21. Re: Barcelona rating changes! Its all the stupid points coming from man u fans. Stop being biased. How can henry go down when he is recovered from injury and already received that increase for it. And why put puyol down he is solid at the back a true great. NOT BIASED IM A LEEDS FAN.
  22. Re: **HOT NEWS*** Mourinho left Chelsea. Did he jump or was he pushed? I really cannot see him staying in england. everyone takes it for granted that spurs are sacking jol but it looks like everyones wrong.
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