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  1. Re: **HOT NEWS*** Mourinho left Chelsea. Did he jump or was he pushed? Yer but its total stupid building a new stadium of only 30,000 but then again if you have small fan-base then i suppose it makes sense.
  2. Re: **HOT NEWS*** Mourinho left Chelsea. Did he jump or was he pushed? WOW 30,000 dont get to ambitious Il miss you jose. I reckon juve or inter? But all of you saying man u will now thrash chelsea on sunday well well well lets just wait and see.
  3. Re: Arsenal Gossip Im going against derby. Play diaby he was great against sevilla and NO SEVILLA should not have got a goal they were awful Or van persie on left eduardo and ade up-front.
  4. Re: Arsenal Gossip Didnt get home till 12. WHAT A GAME i loved it and the stadium is awesome! the 1st goal belongs to fabregas btw!
  5. Re: **HOT NEWS*** Mourinho left Chelsea. Did he jump or was he pushed? I really liked mourinho. Hmmm lets think of all the top managers? all though he' signed a new contract at sevilla juande ramos is my ticket i think.
  6. Re: Unethical transfer dealings check out a thread called "I SUGGEST YOU READ THIS. NOW!" as i have put forward a solution to this problem that works!
  7. Everyone keeps on moaning about people bidding say 25 million for a player. Then 10 minutes before the deal is completed they withdraw and get that player for say 5 mill. I HAVE THE SOLUTION If say Barcelona offer 25 million for say krkic then it gets accepted. Well now that they have had 25 accepted if they withdraw they have to put in the same offer or higher? Every other club can bid what they like tho because they have not yet had a bid accepted for that player? What do you all think?
  8. Re: Arsenal Gossip Sorry didn't want to create hints of jealousy! lol. I got them cos im a junior gunner. Going to derby on Saturday as well and man united on November the 3rd.
  9. Re: Arsenal Gossip Nope! BUT GUESS WHO HAS 2 TICKETS!
  10. Re: im in school only go wed,thur,frid. 4 days off 3 days on! Arsenal v sevilla tomorrow and im going! see ya all x
  11. Re: im in school im at home playing fifa 05 because i like RETRO football.
  12. Re: Past Ratings I been here since it started and i remember kaka at 94.
  13. Re: Leeds United FC You guys seem to lack the sense to have faith in ken bates. HE IS ALL WE HAVE. You say you want him out yet who will there be to replace him? Give him the chance and who knows maybe just maybe he could turn into a Saviour look at the start we've had thats not just down to the players, they have to have a good manager and board behind them.
  14. Re: Need help with anything? Try some sites m8 like londontravel.com or just type in london travel or london accommodation in google.com
  15. Re: Leeds United FC im so gutted i didnt realise there was this thread! LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS im going to leeds v gillingham at gillingham in 2 weeks time cannot wait i hope we still have 100% record 8 in 8 would be unbelievable!
  16. I thought I'd create a thread to help people out with any problems that you may have that might like to share. I'm not going to pretend to be a counselor because im not but if you have a problem that you don't mind discussing then maybe you may want support from fellow forumers here. Remember though don't get too personal as you don't know who your really talking to.
  17. Re: who should i buy for lyon in gc 8? look for youth m8 erm strikers that are good and young are people like anichebe from everton maybe but id go younger than that look on the player scout thread!
  18. Re: im in school tom m8 u totally misunderstand i said it makes me sick cos someone said during class they watch **** so shuuush ya self!
  19. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread My sincere apologies for sounding commonly thuggish. Please sir carry on with your intriguing interest(s).
  20. Re: South American Young Talents I just disagree teb. I don't think anyone should have squads anywhere near that big.
  21. Re: Blondie/Deborah Harry thread ur a freak are you actualy a stalker honestly are you?
  22. Re: George's Invitational - new setup hi george hows it going bye
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