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  1. Re: Money from the cup for once you are wrong! it said that the winner this year could get around 80 million with tv stations paying 22 times more revenue than ever before
  2. Re: Money from the cup yes it should be more than 9.975 it should be 30ish
  3. Re: Squad Sizes i have nowhere near that amount tho thank god as i would go bankrupt its only leeds LMAO thanks! i have 57 i think?
  4. Re: Money from the cup I know where your coming from but 5 mill doesnt do much really does it?
  5. Re: Squad Sizes I will make another good point then shall I yes I shall........ What happens if you have as some have like 140 in your squad then the bug is fixed would 20 players automatically leave?
  6. Re: Money from the cup what are you on about?
  7. Re: Money from the cup i remember the 1st time i won the cup i was so shocked at how little you get i think you should get 5 times it (25 million) at least! your thoughts? leigh? otty 99?
  8. Re: Squad Sizes yer that was an angry rush of blood to the head. I do apologise but its up to leigh i advise him to report me but also to try and forgive me
  9. Re: Squad Sizes they were argueing and it made me cry i h8 argueing
  10. Re: im in school makes me sick
  11. Re: The Daily Debate That one with allan shearer made me wet myself im still laughing now. I watched that game with bowyer and dyer it was so funny! Over payed bunch of teets that need to be grown up about it and as far as barton goes his whole family are s**m look where his brother is! PRISON for LIFE
  12. Re: im in school Ha Ha Ha i remember the days when i used to spend all lesson on this now i can just sit at home on it
  13. Re: Marvel fans rejoice spiderman 3 was just such a let down. That bit where he does that stupid dancing just made me cringe!
  14. Re: Marvel fans rejoice spiderman 3 macked me off so much I slapped the cinema clerk with the back of my hand on the way out* *may not be true but it did SUCK
  15. Re: Young players to watch !!! iv been waiting ages for kroos and now il get krkic cheers men! both yet to be added tho
  16. Re: Add your touch. GO ON u no what! its you guys that spoil the forum and ur yet to be grown up enough to realise it. but whatever if you say so then nobody post nemore. its SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM and SPAM is wrong nobody should SPAM because nobody likes SPAM! do you Mr.Nobody no i do not like SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM
  17. Re: Add your touch. GO ON and ur boring the forum well carry on from and she has..... but only if you havnt yet left a mark
  18. Re: Add your touch. GO ON if you have posted at least 3 posts then stop and let other people continue it otherwise the moaners will moan about spam
  19. Re: Add your touch. GO ON Domesticated boristicratic wolf
  20. Re: Add your touch. GO ON thats 4 words and dont make sense lol.....
  21. Hey i thought this would just be a way to get all forumers to leave a lil something special dont know if it will take off??? How it works u say 3 words and thats it but it has to lead on from the last 3 words left buy the post above. il start it off then shal i My name is
  22. Re: Squad Sizes i have a leeds that i have been buying all young talents for and they are quality now. Cant wait for spanish ratings. I thought id go bankrupt tho with a squad of 51! NOT 100+ jesus u guys!
  23. Re: South American Young Talents 120 players thats just wrong. Any club like that in real life would go bankrupt pretty quick. Try researching the players before just buying them.
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