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  1. Re: England v Russia what a howler gerrard had crap from start to finish. Good performance otherwise.
  2. Re: **Breaking Story** Another arrest relating to football corruption i dont get it whos the bloke a footballer?
  3. Re: Italian youngsters bound to rise??? spain and portugal you wally.
  4. Re: General time/age players are added to database? o well in that case im also frustrated as i have been searching them often hope to see them soon.
  5. Re: General time/age players are added to database? the person that got the player of the tournament was a german youngster called toos kroni and the top scorer was american called machris caulsantos Im excited about these 2. you guys???
  6. Hay i noticed the thread on spangol/porto players bound to rise what about the young italiano's that are bound to rise and can be snapped up cheap before they rise to mid 70's-80's?? anybody got any suggestions? Pele of inter milan?
  7. Re: The Daily Debate are you seriously saying that cole gerrard terry rooney owen e.t.c are 1 trick ponies?
  8. Re: The Daily Debate I cannot for the life of me understand why scott carson is not wearing that no.1 jersey??? Why does a keeper have to have experiance before he gets it?? If hes performing majorly well like he is then why not give him the chance? THOUGHTS PLEASE
  9. Re: English Player Ratings - Part 1 why would rooneys change m8 he is out at the mo and doesnt really do enough to deserve 97.
  10. Re: Official Red Devils thread didnt understand that but im unsubscribing to this anyway cos i h8 man u!!!!!
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread y is ferdinand rated 94 hes absolute rubbish!!!!!! RICHARDS for ENGLAND
  12. Re: Best Pirates of the Caribbean film I loved the 3rd one it was quality. Sat through it and didnt get bored once but then again i just watched all 3 l.o.t.r in one go and they were the extended versions! 12 hours 45 minutes of pure magic!!!!!!!
  13. Re: What do you think about this table? I want to show you my leeds team so how do i do what you have done above.
  14. Re: What do you think about this table? thats a random signing.
  15. Re: What do you think about this table? it doesnt say anything about lampard? :confused:
  16. Re: What do you think about this table? only 2 ish a game thts not many at all tom.
  17. I searched for a thread on this but couldn't find one. Can anyone tell me any sites that have lists of possible future stars as i have a brilliant leeds utd full of youth but need to add to it. fifa.com is ok for the under 17's world cup but all the top-scorers like chrisantus but they aren't on the sm site. So i cant buy them.
  18. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- Im comfortable with loosing my first game i had several injuries. And lets face it it was not the easiest game and i have not the greatest squad. However i have captured the signings of Govou, Hilbert and Helguera. With these 3 new additions i feel that maybe just maybe i might be able to steer the sinking ship away from the iceberg of bitter cold relegation :cool: :D
  19. Re: mannone I withdrew my offer because i have a Leeds already with the squad 0f 41 20 of which are seriously promising youth's so il let him go for now. Might be a waste of 50k.
  20. Re: rep i may have a lot of time but not enough to read them all sorry.
  21. Re: Aggressive Forumers but i enjoy reading this thread so no. Just stop the arguing
  22. Re: Aggressive Forumers yes totally agree and stop moaning at me i still dont know what i did wrong :D
  23. Re: Aggressive Forumers prime example of people ganning up and being unfair STOP and think have i actually done anything wrong NO HO
  24. Re: Aggressive Forumers who me? Why are you angry i thought this was to stop aggressiveness CALM DOWN or il restrain you or if you like il sing ya a lullaby
  25. Re: Aggressive Forumers im confused
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