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  1. Re: Aggressive Forumers why is everyone having ultra girly hissy fits over short posts is their wires coming out of the computer and everytime someone posts less than 10 words u get an electric shock or something????
  2. Re: Aggressive Forumers Ok shush then and just move onto something else. Sometimes in the english language people do talk in sentences well thats what i thought
  3. Re: Aggressive Forumers i dont understand at all
  4. Re: Aggressive Forumers and i am doing that yer sam????
  5. Re: rep Thanks very much i really appreciate that. But that post on cereal wasnt a joke it go 4 pages of replies including sam and others who are admins!!!!
  6. Re: rep look m8 if its gonna be me v u all then so be it but im not gonna get violent il just stick to myself
  7. Re: the 1 wonder hes been bought but thanks
  8. Re: rep i feel iv done lots of good posts but no1 reps me cos everyone has it in for me it started of with sparky and spread like wildfire i must be the most hated forumer
  9. Re: rep popularity contest as always
  10. Re: rep i started that thread on favorite cereals but i didnt get any positive???
  11. Re: rep Im sorry to say it but i hate bobo and nav they gave me neg rep for calling a boy a looser when he said my family eat and live in S**t i mean come on i should tell him hes a looser when he sais that about my family.
  12. how do you give someone bad rep like one of those little red card thingys
  13. Re: Aggressive Forumers ok ok but havoc had something in for me from the start and others but il just ignore them so end of.... Respect
  14. Re: Aggressive Forumers You guys make me sick! Your willing to act upon me saying stuff like that when havoc was the 1st one to imply it :mad: :mad:
  15. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- Kevche has accepted my apllication for west-ham as I support the mighty leeds and i am willing to make new m8's through it thanks a lot and i hope i can keep west-ham up !!!!
  16. Re: Aggressive Forumers I may seem new but iv been on sm a long time and if you get to know me like Sam and others do then you will realise im a nice guy. Its just I cant stand people accusing me of doing things I dont but il forgive. I do understand some points though i mean why so many threads on shall I or shant I accept this deal or that deal surely people can use some common sense or put it on an old thread involving the same player.
  17. Re: Aggressive Forumers ha ha ok bobo
  18. Re: Aggressive Forumers havoc gave me a bad rep for spamming in a set-up which i was trying to stop people spamming what a looser IMO
  19. Re: Luciano Pavarotti has died aged 71 i love that song thanks big pav
  20. Arsenal have just signed an Italian keeper... Name: Mannone Rating: 70 Cost: 10k D.O.B: 2/02/88 Gotta be worth a punt after all hes only 6 months older than me
  21. Re: Whats your favourite cereal? Looks like chicken despite a questionable performance may soon get a rise in the future... Name: Chicken Date of birth: 4,000,000 B.C Rated:83 You reckon this worth a buy???
  22. Re: the 1 wonder got millan thanks for the others tho kid :D
  23. Re: Arsenal Gossip OMG OMG OMG i got tickets for arsenal sevilla!!!!!!!! and arsenal deby AND arsenal MAN U hahahahaha im so happy ooooo dani alves dani dani dani dani aaaaaaaaaaaaalves :D :D
  24. Name just 1 player that u reccomend i buy for leeds i got 5 mill left but dont mention pato as i got him any ideas? :D
  25. Re: Whats your favourite cereal? hey guys i thought you would all appreciate it if i did the latest cereal rating changes for week 1 so you can make some transfers.... Weetabix has increased to 91 Ready break has decreased to 85 Frosties have increased to 95 Cheerios have increased to 98 Nesquik has increased to 92 Cornflakes have decreased to 90 Toast has decreased to 93 Porridge has increased to 94 Thats it for week 1. Considering changes for honey nut cheerios + chocolate weetabix plus much more............. But im not telling you if they will be good changes or bad muhahahaha
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