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  1. Re: .:10000 bc:. [MOVE]MINEIRO BRING IN LIONEL[/MOVE] Lukelufc, Atl. Mineiro Boss.
  2. Re: .:10000 bc:. MINEIRO BACK IN BUSINESS After a relatively quiet transfer period in Mineiro (compared to all other seasons), they have managed to acquire the world's best goalkeeper, Neuer and midfield pair De Rossi and Di Maria. ^Lukelufc on the new line-up. ^Lukelufc on outgoing players. _________________________________________________________________ Expected line-up: Neuer Rafinha Kompany Boateng Juanfran Hernanes De Rossi Candreva Di Maria Aguero Ayew Subs: Jankovic Henrique Pastore Marquinhos Poli Martinez Dzemaili
  3. Re: Fantasy Premier League 2013/14 Also this one: 221707-60404 The original soccermanager league on fpl (from about 6/7 years ago)
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Christian Eriksen or Heung Min Son?
  5. Re: .:10000 bc:. LOLOLOLOL
  6. Re: .:10000 bc:. Yes and the first one featured in batman
  7. Re: .:10000 bc:. MINEIRO REFUSE TO REVEAL TRANSFER TARGETS Following the cholera outbreak and uncertainty surrounding whether players will join or not, Mineiro have refused to give any names of their transfer targets. They have however released a set of cryptic images:
  8. Re: .:10000 bc:. Brief Summary of Season 6: Charity Shield: PSG (James Gouldie) Division 1: Atletico Mineiro (Lukelufc) Division 2: Napoli (Hermant Dixit) Division 3: Udinense (Joshua Dagnall) Domestic Cup: Leverkusen (Zoltan Canji) SMFA Cup, SMFA Shield & Super Cup : Unmanaged teams Record Transfers: MATA to R.Madrid, £40M BUSQUETS to S. Donetsk, £39M AGUERO to A. Mineiro, £37.7M HUMMELS to Barcelona, £32M .:10000 BC:. Season 7 Preview (aka 994 BC) It takes a tough manager to battle on in this setup, with many people leaving clubs. This season is likely to continue to test managerial wits; will the newcomers out-do the oldies, or will experiences help out the long-stay managers? Here's some of the key players up for grabs tomorrow: (and my predicted values - assuming new managers go wild with their money and lack of experience ) Bale (£48m) Muller (£46m) Reus (£39m) Kroos (£31m) Strootman (£17m) Jovetic (£17m) Pjanic (£18m) Sturridge (£23m) Gibbs (£18m) Azpelicueta (£24m) Aubameyang (£26m) Sakho (£19m) Damiao (£16m) etc...
  9. Re: .:10000 bc:. MITROVIC SIGNS FOR MINEIRO Mitrovic practices his "death stare" Expensive but hoping to be worth it after selling the previous U21 striker flop - Belfodil.
  10. Re: .:10000 bc:. Barca can't go down as the teams 3 points below are playing each other The CSKA Monchengladbach game is HUGEEE
  11. Re: .:10000 bc:. CHOLERA OUTBREAK IN MINEIRO An apparent cholera outbreak in Mineiro has led to several players leaving the club with very short notice. Early reports suggest three key players have left and so called "disposable" players are being flown directly to the club's stadium. Additionally a local player, of reasonable standard is also meant to be joining. Reports suggest that key play-maker, Modric, is one of the players leaving Brazil. Additionally central player, Marchisio has been seen flying towards central Europe. Here's what the manager had to say: "Well it is unfortunate, but there are some things which we cannot control. I cannot guarantee to the fans who will be left tomorrow, or the day after. I can guarantee that we have won the league and that this is a time for celebration. Hopefully we'll have some income from these deals because we will need a new play-maker. I imagine however, we are going to have to pay upwards of £50m for our target and there may be some vulnerabilities left in the squad. Hopefully this epidemic will soon be over and we can convince most of our players to see this out. It will certainly be an interesting squad we field against Basel on Thursday, but still, this fixture is unimportant for us."
  12. Re: .:10000 bc:. Thanks! lol I'm going to place imaginary £2 bets on: 1 - Chelsea (top 3 finish) 5/2 = £7 return 2 - Dortmund (relegation) 3/5 = £3.20 return 3 - Aguero (top goalscorer) 4/5 = £3.60 return 4 - Malaga (champions) 1/2 = £3 return 5 - Benfica (last place) 5/6 = £3.67 return Total bet = £10. Potential return = £20.47
  13. Re: .:10000 bc:. [MOVE]LATEST ODDS 10000BC[/MOVE] Division One Top 3 Finish P.S.G - 1/8 Celtic - 1/6 Chelsea - 5/2 AC Milan - 20/1 Juventus - 25/1 PSV - 100/1 Relegation Marseille - 1/500 Liverpool - 1/500 Man. Utd - 3/5 Dortmund - 3/5 FC Basel - 3/1 PSV - 80/1 Top goalscorer Agirretxte - 4/5 Aguero - 4/5 Drogba - 5/1 Costa - 30/1 Toivonen - 30/1 Benzema - 30/1 Ozil - 30/1 Division Two Promotion Schalke - 1/10 Valencia - 1/2 FC Porto - 3/5 Real Madrid - 14/1 Man. City - 50/1 Relegation Internazionale - 1/100 Sao Paulo - 1/12 Monchengladbach - 1/12 CSKA Moskva - 1/3 Bayern - 16/1 Barcelona - 20/1 Division Three Champion Udinese - 1/4 Malaga - 1/2 Anzhi - Evens Lyon - 3/2 Leverkusen - 12/1 Ajax - 40/1 Promotion Udinese - 1/12 Malaga - 1/10 Anzhi - 1/6 Lyon - 1/6 Leverkusen - 1/3 Ajax - 4/1 Tottenham - 10/1 Shakhtar - 25/1 Atl. Madrid - 50/1 Last Place Santos - Evens Benfica - 5/6 Arsenal - 5/6 Top goalscorer Tevez - 1/30 Di Natale - 12/1 Falcao - 12/1
  14. Re: .:10000 bc:. LOL^ Also, Pretty sure you can't change the GW once it has started mate, but you're doing a good job filling it!!
  15. Re: .:10000 bc:. Mineiro literally ripping league apart. Record amount of wins in a row - no draws all season. Least goals conceded. Only scored 1 goal less than top team in the league. 7 points clear of 2nd, 13 points clear of 3rd. Sorry about everyone leaving, I'll try and do worse next season Please stay in, it's a great set-up!
  16. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Competitive set-up: Bonucci + Jackson Martinez OR Cavani
  17. Re: .:10000 bc:. MINEIRO'S WINNING SEASON CONTINUES Mineiro beat rivals Man. Utd. 1 - 0 in Mineiro after Man Utd's main striker was given his marching orders towards the end of the match and will miss their next game against Dortmund. The winning goal was scored by Robinho who had been subbed on just minutes before. Can Mineiro achieve higher than the 3rd place prediction for the league?
  18. Re: .:10000 bc:. Guide to Season Six Division Two Porto More players out than in at the start of this season, but a couple of top players in Matic and Paulinho. The squad has some great quality, but the depth is fairly poor. (if you exclude good young players) Can they return to Division 1? Key player: Gerard Pique Prediction: 2nd Man. City No changes whatsoever in city due to the ban for overspending last season. But. . . did they really need anyone? A very strong squad for Division 2, can they return to Division 1, as a top player. Key player: Thiago Silva Prediction: 3rd Napoli Managed to sell a bad player for a lot of money; they have brought in some okay players and popular grosskreutz. Squad is okay, a couple of top players but the quality soon sinks. They will be hoping for a top season from Ronaldo. Key player: Ronaldo Prediction: 5th Schalke Only welcomed in Ben Arfa from Arsenal this season at what some people would describe as too expensive. The quality across their depth is consistent, but will it be enough to gain promotion? They will certainly need top management. Key player: Hulk Prediction: 11th CSKA Moskva Nothing happening in CSKA, no transfers this season. A very small squad, with only one top player in Pedro. Will need some fortune to stay in Division 2. Key player: Pedro Prediction: 12th Bayern Munich Surprisingly still unmanaged, despite being a top team with a reasonable squad. But a very small squad, who will struggle if anything happens to Cavani. Key Player: Cavani Prediction: 7th Barcelona Two key players arriving in Lewandowski and Hummels, but a shocker to fans as top player Van Persie left the squad as part of the Lewa deal. Barca are a big squad with big revenue and they have some top quality. Clearly a team which belongs in Division 1, but can they improve from their poor mid table finish last time. Key Player: Lewandowski Prediction: 1st Valencia Brought in some reasonable players, most notably Sahin. Had help from Man. Utd selling Montano; if only other top teams would help those struggling for funds (wondered other managers). They have some top players and could challenge for promotion. Key player: Xavi Prediction: 4th Monchengladbach Brought in some depth, but at high prices. They have a very big squad with good depth, but will the top XI quality let them down when it really matters? Key player: Iniesta Prediction: 8th Sao Paulo Added some depth to their defence and midfield. They may still be too reliant on Soldado upfront and their goalkeeper is very poor. They will need some fortune or a new goalkeeper if they have any aspirations of back to back promotion. Key player: Dani Alves Prediction: 9th Inter Milan Cesar sold at a great price, a good, but not spectacular replacement in Mignolet and a great signing in Subotic. Also many shocked fans when the signing of teenage wonderkid turned injury flop, Kerlon was announced as a new player. A small squad, which also lacks in quality. Will be in the relegation battle. There have also been repeated attempts to sell Eto'o to no avail. Key player: Subotic Prediction: 10th Real Madrid Big money spent on Mata, but huge income from a poor player in Britos. Madrid have some very very good players, but the quality is weak in depth. They will need some strong performance from Neuer in goal. Key player: Neuer Prediction: 6th Don't have time to do Div 3
  19. Re: .:10000 bc:. Guide to Season Six Division One PSG Made some fair moves on transfer day; bringing in a good attacker and a defensive option; with hernandez and ranocchia. Still appear to be missing a key player / play maker in the middle of the field. Won the league last season by a big margin. But the side are average in comparison to the rest of the league. Can Sow repeat his influence of last season? Key player: Moussa SOW Prediction: 6th Celtic Some incredible work by the management to bring in Ozil, Marcelo and Mkhitrayan. Possibly the best all-around squad, and certainly the most valuable of all squads at the beginning of season 6. Certainly added the midfield strength previously outlined. Can they improve on last seasons second place? Key player: Mesut Ozil Prediction: 1st Man. Utd. Not as much transfer activity as expected from Utd. They had deals for big players pulled at the last minute and only really managed to add Javi Martinez to the side. They're usually fairly competitive in the league and have some key players, but less quality in their depth. Key player: Schweinsteiger Prediction: 2nd Juventus Added some depth to the squad, usually p/e deals as previously rumoured. Drogba being bought in has come as a surprise, as well as the departure of Zaha. Only minimal spending by the side, perhaps still troubled by their extortion over Evans. Key player: Wayne Rooney Prediction: 5th AC Milan Good players signed at very good prices. Surprise departures in Moutinho and Casemiro however. A really strong squad has been created, with additions such as Sanchez, Howedes and Asamoah. Key player: Higuain Prediction: 4th Marseille Nothing exciting for Marseille fans on deadline day. Eventually sealing a deal for Bony; adding to already their strongest department - upfront. The team is going to struggle with their lack of quality in an ever improving league. Key Player: Edin Dzeko Prediction: 11th A. Mineiro Added the key striker they needed in Aguero, in addition to a bargain on Coentrao and some Brazilian depth in Anderson. Fans will probably be happy with the signings, but they may be concerned about the ever growing wage budget. A very strong squad with a good selection of back-ups. Will this be their season? Key Player: Sergio Aguero Prediction: 3rd PSV Managed to sign a good striker in Diego Costa, fans may have wanted a little more from PSV however. They have very good depth and some quality, but their team is fairly average and getting older. Key player: Diego Costa Prediction: 10th Dortmund It was a final day miracle for Dortmund to survive last season and again their fans will have had an early night on transfer day with no changes at all. They have some great players in Ibra and Y. Toure; but will they be able to keep Dortmund afloat this season? Key player: Ibrahimovic Prediction: 9th Liverpool Only managed to sign Defour and many teams would say that they paid too much for the player. This side has fair depth, but is weak compared to the rest of the league. Will they be able to ride out on the joy of being in Division 1? Or will they return instantly to Div 2? Key player: Gerrard Prediction: 8th Chelsea Only brought in much sought after defender, J Boateng. They have added to the area where they needed some quality and can Chelsea surprise the league with a good run of form? Key player: Oscar Prediction: 7th FC Basel Busy transfer day for Basel; bringing in some much needed quality. However, no key player. They were lucky to be promoted last season and they will need to be lucky again to survive the division. Key player: Cabaye Prediction: 12th
  20. Re: .:10000 bc:. MINEIRO STARTING XI (possible) Cech Bonucci Kompany Evra V.D. Vaart Hernanes Modric Marchisio Coentrao Aguero Martinez Subs: (Pironhen, Tah, Rafinha, Marquinhos, Anderson, Candreva, Robinho)
  21. Re: .:10000 bc:. PERFECT START FOR DEBUTANTS Atletico Minerio 4 - 0 Arsenal Mineiro triumphed over Arsenal in their friendly fixture. Both Aguero and Coentrao made their debuts and both managed to add their names to the scoresheet. It took Sergio Aguero just 15 minutes to score his first hat-trick for the club. Hopefully a sign of things to come for Mineiro, who have a squad good enough to challenge for the Division 1 title.
  22. Re: .:10000 bc:. THE GAME HAS CHANGED Brazilian side are hoping for an upturn in fortunes after signing Sergio Aguero for a fee over £37m!! (They are now too poor to sign anyone else)
  23. Re: .:10000 bc:. Who wants who? Division 1 Transfer preview PSG Having destroyed the rest of the league with a not-so-special squad, they're sure to have some spare cash. Likely to want to improve all areas of the squad. Don't be too surprised to see bids on A strong play maker, a good attacker or some good defensive options. Will SOW be enough next season? Celtic Fair squad, done very well to achieve second place. Likely to want to improve with a strong midfield option. Lots of transfers this season, so don't be surprised to see many changes to the squad. Man. Utd. Have spent big this season, but with an income the size of theirs; expect Man Utd to be in with the big bids again (why else did they sell Pedro). Squad has some incredible players, but their strength is contrasted with some weaker players. Likely to want to add a new option in defence and probably a striker too. Expect to put in a big P/E on Lewa. Man Utd's history suggests that they will place lots of bids and hope to get some bargains. Juventus Already spent a lot of money this season. Lots of squad change again, they have brought in some back-up players to bolster numbers. So there is potential for p/e deals coming soon. Likely to want to add players to their below-par midfield. AC Milan Have already spent BIG this season, bringing in a great squad. If they have the cash, they may want to add an extra defender for some depth. They have also brought in some extras, so they may also want some p/e deals. Marseille Nothing too special about this squad; probably playing on a limited budget compared to some of the big teams. They have a great strike force, but could do with some more magic further back down the field. Expect a new defender. A. Mineiro Already got many players 90+, but as a small team with the worst attendance in the division, on top of their worst season under this manager. Mineiro's budget may be limited. They need to add a special player, possibly as a winger or upfront. PSV Hardly spent a penny. Expect a bid on a couple of big players and expect at least one to arrive. They need a bit of magic in a star player to bring them up the league table. No obvious areas requiring new players, but a play maker or target man is likely to be desired. Dortmund Bought 1, sold 0. Pretty boring season if you're a Dortmund fan on the transfer front. Very fortunate to have survived relegation - maybe some excitement there. Two key players in the squad in Ibra and Toure (bought at a bargain price). Need to add some depth in the squad. Will Howard remain the goalkeeper? Sure to have a big budget to spend. Liverpool Had an end of season meltdown, but still won the league. Added plenty of depth last season. But the starting XI will struggle to compete in Division 1, with only 3 players in the 90's. Rumour has it that p/e's will remove some of the depth and add some real quality. Bolstering needed squad wide, especially defense. Chelsea Transfers in 7, Transfers out 9. You may think the upcomers would be packing the cash, right? Wrong. Probably. Transfers costing £49m this season, likely to have limited funds. But they have a great squad of mostly 20 somethings with great youngsters. Need to add a new player in to the defence and midfield; if they can afford it. FC Basel Great end to their season and Basel are back in Division 1. Clearly had some administrative errors previously, with a 25 man squad with 9 substandard goalkeepers. Nobody is quite sure how such a poor squad has returned to Division 1.( but that is the wonders of soccermanager) The squad is in need in all areas except gk and possibly midfield. They need something special to survive in Div 1. However, definitely packing the cash. Likely to have made at least £40m this season due to promotion and transfer sales. Expect a busy day in Switzerland tomorrow. Excluding the 25 year olds; here's a few people already on the market, when teams inevitably fail to hit their target or overpay on flops: GK: DEF: Evra MID: Iniesta Lampard Moutinho Sneijder Matuidi Young Diego Llorente Eto'o STR: Van Persie (Haven't got time to do other divisions)
  24. Re: .:10000 bc:. Luke Lufc steered Atlético Mineiro to victory against Leverkusen. Atlético Mineiro outclassed Leverkusen and beat them 5 - 1 in a thrilling Friendly encounter. Robinho scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Shame it was a friendly... Mineiro also started the bidding on Sidney SAM, for no reason other than to get another team to fork out some cash before the big spend
  25. Re: .:10000 bc:. You stole him from me. Mineiro had the first bid lol But we managed to sign Tah
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