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  1. Re: 2007 Film of the year I waited all year to see pirates of the caribbean and it was worth it, its got my vote:D
  2. Re: Fantasy Premier league for new season! It's all good! Thats 7 players joined so far, but more would be nicer Remember its totally free:D Rules are on http://fantasy.premierleague.com:)
  3. News on BBC Premier League in Hawk-Eye trials Goal-line technology could avoid controversies Goal-line technology could avoid controversies The Premier League are to test out a Hawk-Eye system, which will determine if a ball crosses the goal-line or not, with a view to using it in matches. Paul Hawkins invented a system used in cricket and tennis for key decisions. He told BBC Five Live Sport: "We have a contract with the Premier League to develop a system. "It is purely to resolve the dispute about whether the ball has crossed the goal-line and purely for the referees and not for television." He added: "The process is to be evaluated firstly by the Premier League and then Fifa. "If we jump those hurdles then there will be a slow role of trialling it in matches and, hopefully, with the end game of it being in all the Premier League grounds." Do you think hawk eye is a good or a bad idea?
  4. Re: pick the team who are defo goin down Sunderland are going to flop! Portsmouth will start badly. Birmingham will be the surprise package at about 13th. Dont rule out west ham, man city or aston villa to have a bad season and maybe go down
  5. Re: Fantasy Premier league for new season! For those of you who are interested here is a link to the rules http://fantasy.premierleague.com/M/help.mc?category=rules
  6. Re: Fantasy Premier league for new season! Spread the Word people!
  7. Re: Fantasy Premier league for new season! Don't worry you can change your team as many times as you like without it deducting your points up until the first matchday...
  8. Hey guys the new season has just started and the official fantasy football for the premiership has been opened today. I have created a league for soccer manager managers and we will see who really are guru's. http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ Register your team and join the soccer manager league i have created: League Name : Soccermanager.com Password : 17020-5682
  9. Re: Sergio Romero 'Looking on intently from the goalmouth was the Albicelestes' giant goalkeeper Sergio Romero. Focused on the job at hand after keeping his goal intact with a string of fine saves, the towering custodian is nevertheless appreciative of his side's beguiling play, as FIFA.com discovers.' Straight from fifa.com;) Also AZ Alkmaar wouldnt pay 1.45m euros for someone who couldnt save:p
  10. Re: The Best Young Talent. Pique, Fabregas, Pato, Drenthe, Chellini, Dos Santos, and c.ronaldo is already near to the best in the world.
  11. Re: Romauld Boco Its true, its on wikipedia. 22 goals in 62 appearances for accrington, and it also says (according to wiki) 33 goals in 43 games for benin, and all since 2004. He is 22 in 2 days time and perhaps 70 is a bit low for him, especially if the stats are true we would be looking at 76 ish
  12. Re: "He is probably the best 20-year-old I have ever seen," Player name: Charlie DAVIES (Hammarby) Age: 21yrs Born: 25 June 1986 Nationality: American Position: Central Striker Rating: 76 Last Rating Change: 0 Form: ----- Morale: Average Value: £765k Contract: 4 Years - £10,800 per Turn Just turned 21 at a modest 76 rating
  13. Re: soth american talent It has got to be Alexandre Pato, so young and so on form!
  14. Re: The Doctor Who Thread And the master will not be dead, that ring has his life similar to the doctor's and the master's stopwatches they had. I wonder how dalek khan will cope by himself, i'm sure he'll find another cult simliar to his, or have a magic stopwatch
  15. Re: The Doctor Who Thread I think Doctor Who is AWESOME:) Catherine Tate is coming his new assistant when the new series returns, if she keeps how good she was in the christmas special it should be ok, but hopefully she will be less annoying! In the mean time martha jones is working with captain jack at torchwood until half way through the series when she returns to doctor who !!! :D
  16. He is currently playing for Argentina at the U-20 world cup in Canada, as the GK. He has played the full 90 minutes in both games so far and has not conceded any goals. He has also just joined AZ Alkmaar from Racing Club in Argentina for a fee estimated at 1.45 million euros. I found a link on the AZ site about him but couldnt understand as i don't understand dutch. http://www.az.nl/index.php?module=news&articleID=21158 Here's his profile on SM, he seems a good prospect: Sergio ROMERO (Racing Club) Age: 20yrs Born: 22 February 1987 Nationality: Argentinian Argentinian Position: Goalkeeper Rating: 74 Last Rating Change: 0 Form: ----- Morale: Average Value: £351k Contract: 2 Years - £3,700 per Turn Condition: 100%
  17. Currently plays for columbus crew in the MLS. Has scored 3 times so far in the U-20 world cup in canada for the USA, once against south korea and then twice against poland, and all from centre midfield. Seems a good prospect and a good buy at only 10k. Player name: Danny SZETELA (Columbus Crew) Age: 20yrs Born: 7 June 1987 Nationality: American American Position: Central Midfield/Attacking Midfield Rating: 70 Last Rating Change: 0 Form: ----- Morale: Good Value: £10k Contract: 2 Years - £6,800 per Turn Condition: 91% Transfer Status: UnKnown
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