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  1. Re: R.Kaka, G.Higuain and L.Messi thanks for that, ill test it out tonight hopefully i get a decent result . last time i had 34 shots playing 352 and 18 on target end up with a 1-1 draw with borssia dortmond (com cont).
  2. Hi Everyone, recently ive taken charge of a fresh barcelona team and got an offer for Messi: Real Madrid have made an offer to Barcelona to swap Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Ricardo KAKA for Lionel MESSI . what u think should i take it? i swaped sanchez for tevez other than that the squad is intact. some managers saying its good deal as messi doesnt do much in SM compared to Higuain and Kaka.
  3. Re: New User Interface [beta] Absolute shocking interface, some parts have improved such as the menu bar at the top. But rest of interface is clunky and difficult to use, especially the tactics menu. Cant even properly drag and drop anymore without causing it to crash. Wish SM would change some of it the old interface.
  4. Re: Deal for Michael ESSIEN, £10,000,000 plus Kaka worth it? of course im sure, I am playing in the league. The other teams are controlled by other managers not the computer.
  5. Re: Deal for Michael ESSIEN, £10,000,000 plus Kaka worth it?
  6. Re: Deal for Michael ESSIEN, £10,000,000 plus Kaka worth it?
  7. Re: Deal for Michael ESSIEN, £10,000,000 plus Kaka worth it?
  8. Re: Deal for Michael ESSIEN, £10,000,000 plus Kaka worth it? no chance, i cant get busquests anymore hes gone, although i can get kheidira for 12-15m. plus theres bare cheating going on in my league, 3-4 managers are helping him one manager to win league manager by selling thier best players e.g. I offered one of the managers 20m plus mariga + holtby for alonso he said no and sold to the other manager for 20m.
  9. Re: Deal for Michael ESSIEN, £10,000,000 plus Kaka worth it?
  10. So do you guys think this is a good deal for me? Ive got like 40m already from winning league etc and was hoping to get lass diarra but his rating dropped today to 91. Other offer I have is £38m cash. One of my friends said to take the Kaka deal as essien might drop. Anway here is my team: Also i was hoping if you guys/girls could help improve my squad for next season. Incoming transfers: Forlan or Tevez, Sahin. (if all goes well). Outgoing transfers: Mutu, Holtby, Mariga
  11. Re: Osama Bin Laden is Dead...! I think this is a PR stunt for the USA and UK to help with the election polls/politically disillusioned people, who are tired of rubbish from the goverment. Give me a break Bin laden has been dead since 2001 all the tapes after that are fake everyone knows that. Suddenly, we are suppose to belive they got "him" and burried his body out at sea, without showing his body etc etc. Would have loved to see Obama's hand gestures and body when he made the statement, could see if he was lying or geniuely believed he was killed. Dont get me wrong, im glad hes dead, but hes been dead for ages, this is just another way to renew ppl's faith in anti-terror campaign & government resources to justify continued warfare in afganistan and iraq and possible iran and syria as potential next targets. The goverment is already saying to remain vigilant for possible retaltions from Al-Qaeda, which they will undoubtly use this as an excuse introduce some new anti-terror law or justify further warfare. *Anyway, i would just like to say i hope no one is offened by what ive written, its my personal opinion and what i think*
  12. Re: Help with my Top-class Chelsea ! im chelsea too , i play 451 with arrows on AM & Wingers going forward. Hard, attacking, Mixed, Mixed, Own Half, Fast, Use targetman (if you want), Counter-attack, Men behind ball & Use playmaker (your mid is good dont really need to use it). BTW that is one heck of a squad, puts mine to shame, ive got a very shabby chelsea team. Wish i could manage it hehe .
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