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  1. Re: The Ugliest Players Ever !!!! Albert Riera:eek:
  2. Re: Grudge match set-up transfer/news/match report thread
  3. Re: xxArsenalxx's Avatar Shop xxarsenalxx have u done mine yet?
  4. Re: Mathias "Zanka" Jorgensen can u post a link on this thread then as i cant find one!
  5. Re: Liverpool99's Graphics thread will be quitting sig making 4 a while as i have to much work on sorry to anyone that was hoping 4 a sig:)
  6. Re: xxArsenalxx's Avatar Shop Gerrard 1 please in new liverpool red kit cheers;)
  7. Re: Signature Design Feedback Nice attempt, take some more time on the cutting although this is quality for a 1st attempt, also i like the Millwall one better than ronaldo as the ronaldo one is slightly small:D
  8. Re: League Of Imposters atkin just applied for my liverpool de motevideo please accept
  9. Re: Liverpool99's Graphics thread yh will get to these last 2 in a while still got a lot of work at college to do:)
  10. Re: League Of Imposters cheers 4 the pm m8 will av arsenal de sarandi
  11. Re: Liverpool99's Graphics thread Anybody???? have i missed any graphics out?
  12. Re: Official Forum Awards Thread (Nov 08+) Nice thread lets hope it all goes according to plan:p
  13. liverpool99

    Favourite Fizzy...

    Re: Favourite Fizzy... Dr Pepper easily:p
  14. Re: Please help!! please!! Laursen Cassetti Mellberg Finnan Petit Mineiro Shevchenko Hope this helps!!!!
  15. Re: Liverpool99's Graphics thread can everyone that has requested graphics through pm or on this thread please request again as i may have deleted the pms:o
  16. Re: UKFSC Design competition well done caveman also great work ben 2 top designs there!
  17. Re: NEW: WillC's Fairplay Drafting League add me to the waiting list aswell if possible m8:)
  18. Re: Favorite Football Stadium? Anfield 4 me top quality stadium!!!!
  19. Re: mt's graphics thread Quality work on all your latest sigs;)
  20. Re: Liverpool99's Graphics thread ok will do m8:)
  21. Re: Big Risers from Argentina Good work and nice layout;)
  22. Re: Signature Design Feedback you are not doing anything wrong m8!!!! that overall is very good;)
  23. Re: Best Of Both Match Reports, Transfers, Managers etc. Villarreal continue poor form Villarreal continued there shocking start to the season with a 2-0 loss away at Zenit st petersburg, this continues other poor results a good start away at sevilla gaining a 1-1 draw followed by a 4-0 home defeat to sporting, and a 3-2 defeat to juve will the shocking results go on!!!!
  24. Re: *-,Carl.-*-, Graphics,-*-,Request,-* Like the ronaldinho and kaka sigs m8 nicely done;)
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